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New man

From the technician and the engineer, the economist and the architect, the artist and the politician we have all been reading about the future of man. And the anthropologist, medical scientist and biologist are all prospecting the possibilities of man in his future evolution. The astronauts and the atomic physicists have opened doors onto the universe. Even cybernetics, the latest-born of the muses, is promising a new age for computer man. But each of these specialists has looked into the future through his own keyhole, and what he has seen is limited and frequently contradicts what his colleague saw through the keyhole next door.

We have heard the most glowing accounts of our future from progressive scientists and the most gloomy forecasts and dire warnings from our rather conservative religionists and theologians, our philosophers, historians and moralists. Whom can we believe?

If our life on earth has any meaning, if there is a sense in evolution, if man is more than a chemical formula transforming CO to CO2, then that meaning, that sense can only be spiritual. And it is not through the keyhole of the scientists that we should look, but boldly open the gates to communicate directly. We should seek in that place where the future already exists, in the secrecy of our hearts. That is where the future projects itself into the forms of today. And it is the search in that place and through that door which the ancient masters called faith.

If there is a future for man and this universe, it can only be a spiritual future. Only an ever vaster, deeper and more integral consciousness gives meaning to evolution. Only a greater knowledge gives meaning to man’s thirst for knowledge. Only a greater love gives meaning to man’s innermost aspiration. Thus we should look not only to our chauffeurs and pilots and technicians but to those who know about the secret of man’s aspiration, the seers and the saints.

It is true, they might not be speaking about the problems of the atomic bomb, space travel, overpopulation or artificial insemination. But this is not necessary. If we allow a man from another generation to speak to us we have to take care to separate the message from the static, the dross from the elixir, the gold from the river sand. And up to now the subconscious religious tribal archetypes have been to strong, the veil of superstition too thick to permit pure spirituality to speak in its own language on this planet. There is not even a vocabulary it could use without being misunderstood. But there is always one message that comes through, clear and unmistakable: Have faith in your own future.