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Monkey festival

by T. M. Radiata

Once upon a time, when the old monkeys were sitting in council talking gravely about monkeyity, monkeyism, monkey dignity and monkey culture, and asking themselves, shaking their wise old heads: “What are we coming to?” a young monkey innocently suggested:

“Let us take our monkey business less seriously and organize a festival, a festival of monkey joy.” Most of the elders protested furiously, spoke about the seriousness of the situation, danger from the neighboring tribes, the threats to their very existence. But finally, monkeys being monkeys, the proposition of the festival prevailed.

There was beautiful moonlight, and the older monkeys drinking fermented papaya juice quickly forgot the dangerous situation. The youngsters started to frolic with the young folk of the neighboring tribes as monkeys do, and soon none could distinguish his own tribe from the others.

It was a great festival. But then, festivals come easy to monkeys, as they are only animals without enough imagination to assume evolutionary responsibility. But somewhere it happened that in the next season a non-monkey baby was born among the monkeys, a supermonkey. Nobody realized it, of course, since he was so similar to the others in his family. But a few hundred thousand festivals later it was easy to recognize him as a human.

Now the elder members of the tribes were talking about humanity, humanism, human dignity and the seriousness of the situation. But being human, they all knew in the secrecy of their hearts that their only salvation lay in a festival, the festival of not being human any more, but something more.