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Mission to Earth

by Space Traveller

There are all kinds of planets: planets where life is a single living being; planets where life is unity in diversity, a diversity of love; and planets where the consciousness has fallen so deeply into ignorance that love can hardly manifest and almost all forms of life are expressions of fear and hatred. One form turns against another, and the planetary subconscient, the psychic space they live in, becomes so dark that all kinds of microscopic pests, cancers and leprosies develop. Even bacteria, so obedient and useful on the planets of life, become evil.

Of course nobody wishes to go to such planets, and the guardians of space have put fierce Van Allen rings around them to warn the unsuspecting traveller. So if you have a special mission and must go there for a short time you have to take your own space with you.

Generally on these planets the members of the dominant species are so ugly that they cover themselves with tissues they fabricate for the purpose, and so communication with them is possible only if you adopt their rude barking and smacking noises. Each emotion has to be translated, with the help of a dictionary, into more or less abstract sound formations. And when you finally succeed in such a contact you will find the strangest, even appalling conceptions.

“But I am not responsible for the animals”, said a member of one of these species who are dominant not by love but by ruthlessness. “I am not their guardian.” And then he added, showing the unimaginable depth to which his consciousness had fallen, “I am not God.”

I could not help protesting. “You are God; you are the dominant species,” I said. “This planet is your kingdom, and if love has separated itself from you, or you from love, you can at least learn how to be its instrument. Each time you lift your hand, each time you say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ you participate in the creation of this world. The whole universe with all its stars and planets is nothing but an invitation to be He. You are the possessor of a body, of a vital and a mental being, and so you can be visibly here and now that which is invisible everywhere and forever.”