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Materia: substance of the creation

Nowhere are the new age and the new consciousness of mankind so easily distinguishable from our old conceptions and our old consciousness as in the science of matter. The new vision of matter, which we could call the psychology or the psychic life of matter, has become specially visible in one of our youngest sciences, plasma physics or magnetohydrodynamics (MHD).

Here we find matter and magnetism in their most fundamental and at the same time most sophisticated aspect. This plasma of the galaxies is the true fabric of the universe. All the basic ‘building blocks’ of matter – the electron, the neutron, the proton – have purely magnetic or field properties, and all atomic matter, including that of which plants and animals are built, is bound together by these magnetic or electromagnetic fields.

Our conception of matter as a field is not yet 100 years old, yet it has created modern electronics and nuclear physics, and it will inexorably affect also our religious ideas and give a new strength to our spiritual life.

Matter as we earth creatures have known it in the past is very rare and exceptional indeed. In school we learned that matter is either solid, liquid or gaseous, because on earth we know it only in these three states. But now we have learned that not even 1% of the matter of the universe is in these three states and in a sun matter can assume 25,000 different states of excitation.

Matter can seem inert only to a planetary consciousness that knows itself only in three states: deep sleep, dreams, and wakefulness. Will our new solar consciousness discover even 25 different kinds of ecstasy, each a new state of consciousness?

What could be more spiritual than matter? So obedient, so resonant, so plastic and responsive! Singing stuff or silent, it can be coloured and moulded into millions of different forms from the transparent veils of the galaxies, the luminous tails of comets, to the tough skin of a battleship! Matter is also that substance which becomes alive in a tree and an animal and which can love and think and dream and create in man.

If all this is matter, then where is spirit? In order to discover life you have to be alive, to recognize intelligence you have to be intelligent, and to meet the spirit naturally one must be spiritual. A mere practical mind, good enough for the butcher, baker or candlestick-maker, is not a mind which will discover what it is that makes the galaxies glow or the stars turn.

Where among the scientists of today are the tough-minded materialists who, a generation ago, were declaring in books written for the general public that matter was the sole reality?

Look at the splendours of the suns. Pure matter. The same matter our brains are made of. And the whole universe out to the farthest galaxies and quasars. Everywhere the same elements singing across billions of light years:

pure matter.

Not only is all matter one, from here to the farthest galaxy, but also all mater is one with the whole hierarchy of being from the grossest physical to the subtle psychic. No archangel is so purely spirit as to be able to cross the universe without leaving a visible trace in matter.

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