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Letters to the editor

Comments have come to us from readers in America and the United Kingdom, from France, Germany and Switzerland, from India and from as far away as Australia and Malaysia.

We are equally grateful for the numerous encouragements and the surprisingly few criticisms which we have received. Both are valuable to us...

“Now you've done it! You've let these magnificent new concepts have the freedom of their own form. This is a visual feast. It's free. It ripples with laughter, and, oh, how it moves! There's a vitality and an incredible sense of adventure. The new cover is a magnet. It has impact. It is joy. I'm proud to send WORLD = 1 to my friends.”

“We are truly enthusiastic about the new look and the new life in WORLD magazine [see "=1 history"], and are eager to do what we can to help. Both the contents and the format have been given a charge of new energy, and the magazine I think will make a new impact on its readers.”

“I think the ‘swing of the pendulum’ had gone too far, and that these first two issues do not have enough in the way of solid, workmanlike, substantial articles.”

“Unfortunately I am extremely disappointed with the new production. I consider the jacket far too fanciful. The layout is even worse – full of gimmicks and symbols and insertions which distract the eye from the matter, which is made to look really frivolous and almost playful!”

“I am delighted with it. Indeed, this last issue makes me want to send in more subscriptions, for those who I think will be interested in these thoughts.”

“Fresh and new … thrilling … daring, evocative … very modern … well produced ...”

“While I am in favour of making people stretch their minds, attend to the unusual and leap into the future, I must say that I did not go for the page MEKANE URANIA Books of Intergalactics Unlimited!”

“If it goes on as it has begun I fear I cannot possibly renew my subscription. I would hesitate now to recommend it or pass it on. It looks so – eccentric! Would it not be possible to produce it once more in a dignified manner worthy of the content?”

“These are the kind of thoughts man needs, and not only to awaken him, but to lead him on into greater fields of consciousness.”

“Do you think the publication date (1994) could be advanced on ABSORBING INTERACTIONS BETWEEN AGRESSOR AND ATTACKED? I am especially interested in the illustrations.”

“The magazine that was had to be read. The new style tends to encourage tasting and reflection on seed thoughts, and the dish is almost too rich.”

“You have managed to find, include, and write, some really excellent material. The improvements in typeface, layout, sub-headings and so on are tremendously welcome.”

“Here in this issue I begin to see Science and Spirituality as creatively practical, useful.”

“Thank you for the shout of laughter over ‘But for the moment we are still living among the tribes, and we are looking in vain for our contemporaries’.”

“You have introduced a quality that I think the magazine needed – along the imaginative, intuitive and heart line. I think this is the most important and substantial change, and the one that gives most promise for the future.”