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Learning by =1

by Space Traveller

The first time that I met one of these strange space-beings was on my way to the Coma Berenices. It was astonishing that from the first moment it could understand my language. “How does it happen that you speak English?” I asked it.

“I have just learned”, it smiled.


“Well, I saw you, and considered you as a part of my being, and took you into myself, so naturally everything you knew I know now – all your memories became my memories, all your experiences my experiences, all your joy my joy”.

“And my worries, my conflicts, my fears?”

“They have no substance. They can't pass over.”

After a pause –

“If you would not consider yourself limited, you would receive all that I know and all of my joy as a part of your being. But for that your love of wholeness is not intense enough. Total knowledge means total love.”