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Laser of consciousness

by P. Daniel

A powerful new symbol of yoga, that latest toy of physical science, the laser, “...a device which uses an ensemble of molecular particles stimulated by an electromagnetic wave to radiate amplified and coherent energy.”

The yogi also uses an ensemble of conscious particles, the psychic molecules which make up his own person. We may think that we are a monolithic whole, a single voice, a single cell, a single thought. Not yet! But when yoga has finished with us we will be. At present we are a hodge podge of little ‘me's’ put together by nature and her genetic laws, by our ancestors and teachers: innumerable particles of being, all strutting across the stage of our consciousness and each saying ‘I’ – I think, I want – but every one thinking, desiring different things and each going in a different direction just like the random molecules moving in a gas.

The yogi in us has to take this mixture and transform it into a crystalline coherence. With endless patience he magnetizes each particle again and again so that finally they stand in an orderly position around the centre of our being. Carefully, lovingly and tenderly but untiringly we have to repeat that polarizing axial-magnetic movement until all the neurons of our mind, all vital processes, all the cells of our physical body pulsate in the same quiet cycles. Only when we have succeeded in this can we call ourselves an individual being with our own opinion, our own will and our own life. Only then we are a unified formation and not a mob.

Then we understand the analogy of the laser crystal: the absolute resonance of every part, every cell, with all the others.

When the stimulation comes, the intuition, the grace, the enlightenment – for some as a mysterious, for others as a well-known wave of an all-pervading power of being, the basic radiation of the cosmos – it finds us now well prepared, a transparent instrument (the pure heart of the ancients). And then the miracle. Each one of our hundreds and hundreds of constituent psychic particles, all at the same instant, with the same step and in the same direction, emit their obedient answering radiation. Marvellously amplified in a steady coherent ray of continuous power, love and joy, the famous laser beam bursts forth.