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"The Eternity Game"
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Invitation to the Eternity Game

Come and play with the whole, the whole of the cosmos and of yourself. There is nothing in space or in the infinity of time whose play-companion you cannot become, and there is nothing within yourself which you need fear. This is the first of the space-age games which knows no rules but the truth, no limits but the infinite, and not walls but those which we have built around ourselves. In this game all the things we have separated – like knowledge and love, being and becoming, God and man – are whole again and one, and therefore you will find no negative cards, nothing to be afraid of, because in eternity even that which seems for a moment to be negative can be recognized as positive.

The Eternity Game is an ontological and cosmological, a mythological and psychological game in which the mysteries and archetypes, the powers and forces, the kingdoms and dominions, chakras and avatars, the thrones and meditations, the samadhis and the illuminations are all brought to us through their symbols, so that we may become acquainted with them, know them, play with them without disrespect, but also without superstitious misgivings. Slowly we are led to recognize them eventually as part of ourselves in that oneness of consciousness and life and bliss which we all are.

“Spectator of a drama self-conceived...”[1]

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