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In the star bar

by Space Traveller

A huge fellow from the outer galaxy was talking:

“The other day I met a chap from a little planet somewhere on the rim, and you wouldn't believe it but his own body didn't obey him. When he wanted his heart to beat faster, he gave it a pill; when he wanted it to slow down, another pill. When he wanted to sleep he took a pill; when he wanted to be wide awake, another. When he had to think, when he wanted to be happy, always pills and more pills.

“So I asked him, ‘Don't you learn in the kindergarten how to make your body obey you? How can you stay alive?’ ‘Well, we manage,’ he replied. ‘We have special houses, very expensive to keep up, where we put those whose bodies run amok and there they are treated with pills, or their bodies are opened and repairs made.’ “

There was a big laugh, and of course nobody believed the story. How would a chap like that get his intergalactic space driver's license, with so little body-mind coordination?