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In each of us

by Benedictus Montecrossa

In each of us is the other,
and in each other, the one.

If we want to build magnificent cities, there is also the nomad in us who doesn't care and who wants to go. One in us looks for security, builds vaults and walls; the other looks for adventure. There are those who want to build a comfortable nest on the past: the bourgeois, the historian, the theologian; and those to whom life is an unending river of the miracle unforeseen: the poet, the seer, the salt of the earth, the leaven, the workers of the kingdom to come.

Mankind needs both, needs the other for its completeness and greatness, lest man forget that matter is God, which is as bad as to forget that God is matter.

In spite of our obsession with visible differences, with moustaches, hair-do's, skin colour and status symbols, there is only one difference which counts: between that which we are and that which we want to be. The greater that difference, the greater we are.

There is always a moment of truth.

The moments when this difference disappears and we are truly that which we want to be are the moments of bliss, which belong to eternity.

Before our language had become too learned, it always insisted on the oneness of things. So an ‘idiot’ was the particular, the fellow who had separated himself from the oneness, who insisted on his separateness. But the ‘individual’ was he who had found his oneness, and who was now individuus, undivided.