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I prefer solid stuff

by Te Ana Vava

We have seen how our conceptions of matter have rapidly changed from the solid dead stuff of the 19th century to the impalpable living plasma of the galaxies in the 20th, as described by our modern cosmologists or by the famous formula: E=MC2 of the molecular physicists. What is the conclusion we are compelled to draw about that rapidly shifting and extremely elusive, subtle thing, matter, which at one moment will be an electro-magnetic wave with the speed of light and in the next nanosecond will be a particle in a space which is so empty that you might as well say there is no matter there at all?

What we experience as matter is identical to what we have postulated up to now as spirit. There never was and there never will be that beautiful, eternally solid stuff our forefathers sat on. In its place there is an ever-changing magic body scintillating with every colour of the rainbow, now seen and now unseen, now felt and now unfelt, now here, now there, now utterly gone, now born again in an apparently empty space.

How can we say that this miraculous stuff, this transparent supergas, represents ultimate reality? How can we say that this unseizable, incomprehensible ultimate particle is thinking in our mind, seeing in our eyes, hearing in our ears, longing in our hearts and dreaming in our dreams? Our materialists have philosophized themselves and their universe into a reality which is as subtle, as fantastic and as unreal as the stuff our dreams are made of.

I prefer to believe in something that I can understand, which I can see and hear and feel in myself and in the world around me: spirit. It is this which helps me to understand not only how I see by also why I see, why I hear, why I feel and think and aspire. So in it I have something secure, something to sit on for the rest of eternity.

I like solid stuff.