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I am glad I am a pagan

by Te Ana Vava

I live in a manifestation, not in a creation. In a creation the creator stands outside and has the same relationship to the world he has made that the pot-maker has to the pot. This is the conception of the Old Testament and of the religions based on that book.

To us it is God who changed himself into the world. The sea is He, our Mother. The earth is He, our Mother. And the sky is He, our Mother.

Once God was put outside the world, the angels had to follow. But in our world they take their place as stars among the stars.

Everything we meet is soul, manifested as a visible body, not a body with a ghost in it. Everything is soul – the waves, the boat, the sand of the beach. The trees and the animals are soul, the clouds and the wind, the suns are soul.

We pagans can never get lost. We never feel alone. We can speak to things and they speak to us. And we never discuss the question of what is body and what is soul. You have only to open your eyes and see. There never was a body without a soul or a soul without a body. They belong together. They are two faces of the same reality that is one and holy.

I am glad I am a pagan.