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How to be really ourselves

Principles are always easily established, and a beginner needs principles. Yoga is the endeavor to remain always on the summits of one's being. Ordinarily life is a continuous up-and-down, a succession of depressions and elations only a little less acute than those of the manic-depressive. If you are trying to make your summits higher and the valleys less long and deep you are doing a yoga.

The real yogi acquires a technique which enables him to a great extent to eliminate these fluctuations. He refuses to come down. Even living in the midst of strife he keeps his peace; in the midst of noise he enjoys the silence of his inner being; and finally, in spite even of superficial pain or indifference, he remains immersed in bliss.

Yoga, like love or joy, is always much more than any definition can give us, and how much more depends on us, on our own summits of being.

And there are always summits beyond the summits.