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Grown-up planets

The farther one progresses towards the centre of the galaxy, the younger are the suns and the planets. But the beings which incarnate on them are very old and advanced souls, for the heart, the very centre of the galaxy is materially the most illuminated and the most luminous part of the universe.

Here the night sky of the planets is an almost solid sheet of stars, as bright perhaps as the light from a hundred moons. These are the worlds of eternal youth, where evolution of life is climbing the last rungs of beatitude, knowledge and love. Even the planets in these worlds are sensitive and visibly respond to the happiness which surrounds them by a luxurious growth and a burgeoning of beauty which has no comparison on the poorer planets near the outer borders of the galaxies. Such a world is impregnated with peace and consciousness and bliss.

For the inhabitants of those planets all the problems with which we are so much occupied – should I mention them? Overpopulation, underdevelopment, disease, economic imbalance – have been resolved for such a long time that even the oldest accounts in their history books do not mention them. Our chemistry, our physics, our machines make them smile. Their chemical reactions take place exclusively in subtle worlds about which we as yet know almost nothing: how to place a tree so that it may produce a new kind of fruit, for example; how to talk to an animal so that it loses its shyness or how to caress it so that it accepts a new faculty, what music to play to bring rain, what melody to chant to calm a wind, what resonance to give to your happiness to transform a roadside stone into a precious stone, how to breathe the perfume of a fruit to give that fruit to all the cells of your body, how to send your love to a friend… Free from preoccupation with any serious problems of environment, men on these adult planets have one unique occupation: an untiring aspiration, an intense longing to climb those last rungs of bliss which separate them from a solar consciousness in all its fullness, so that they may leave their planetary bodies and incarnate as a sun.