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Flowchart of power

by Benedictus Montecrossa

To the eye of the physicist, what we call matter appears as a total disorder. On the molecular level perfect order exists only at absolute zero. But all the marvels of the universe are based on this disorder which, within the stars where the elements are born, rises to temperatures of millions of degrees. Tomorrow's most evolutive and creative society, also, will reach its maximum brilliance only with maximum freedom – the sole means of a free play of evolution – a freedom that will burn away the last rules, the last bonds, in the fire of the knowledge of the One, where everything spontaneously takes its proper place through an instant relation with the One and the whole.

Society, by obeying this liberty, will achieve its highest perfection without organization; and its anatomy of light, its hierarchies, will then become visible. There will always be hierarchies, because evolution has no end and because ranges of being are a fundamental truth of existence. Even in our own personality we can find these hierarchies of consciousness, of being, and of bliss. And when, ascending from any of the levels of being, we reach the absolute, there will yet be experiences, identifications and becomings more and more luminous and universal, more and more complete.

The hierarchies of the future will have nothing to do with what have been called by that name in the past. They are neither holy nor religious; they are neither privileged positions transmitted from father to son, nor classifications that need the support of police, courts or army. They are hierarchies which exist in the most perfect democracy and the most liberal anarchy – because they are universal. If this were not the case we could all take turns being chancellor of a university, president of the academy of medicine, justice of the supreme court or admiral of the fleet. But there is no such society.

We are familiar with the hierarchies of strength and beauty, of intelligence and success, specialization and creativity. But beyond these, the great true hierarchies, the only ones of importance, are the hierarchies of consciousness. The more conscious a being becomes, the larger is the universe in which he dwells, the larger and more refined his knowledge and consequently his capacity for enjoyment of beauty, of harmony, of the universe at play.

These spiritual hierarchies do not pertain to position, they are hierarchies of transparency, of radiance and of love – solar hierarchies. Wherever a group of men forms itself by common spontaneous consent, whether at work or at play, whether in a football club or a planetary federation, a leader will appear, not as someone who imposes his will on others, but simply the one who is the most able to make the organism crystallize, the one who can fit the right role to each individual for the maximum good not only of the organism but also of the individual himself.

It will be the joy of the society of tomorrow to recognize in this hierarchy of transparency and light those who weigh most on the scales of love and who will lead the great ballet of the transformation of man.

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