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Facts about Auroville

Auroville is situated on the east coast of South India, the fabulous Coromandel Coast, near Pondicherry.

It will be a city close to nature, a town where people spend a large part of their time out of doors in the shade of trees or verandas, and in the coolness of airy courtyards. Their places of work, even their factories, will be in the midst of flowers and gardens. Walls and fences will be reduced almost to zero. A magnificent white sand beach, bordered by coconut palms and swept by an almost constant sea breeze, will be one of the abiding joys of life in the new city.

Auroville is planned to provide housing, education, work, food, leisure and a creative environment for 50,000 people from all walks of life, from all countries.

It will be a place of research and experimentation, a matrix of sustained endeavor to wrench the phrase ‘unity of mankind’ from verbal and rhetorical play and put it on the ground – alive, existential, embodied in a joyous city of the universe.