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by The Mother

From beyond the frontiers of form
a new force can be evoked,
a power of consciousness
which is as yet unexpressed
and which, by its emergence,
will be able to change the course of things
and give birth to a new world.
For the true solution to the problem
of suffering, ignorance and death
is not an individual escape
from earthly miseries
by self-annihilation into the unmanifest,
nor a problematical collective flight
from universal suffering
by an integral and final return of the creation
to its creator,
thus curing the universe by abolishing it,
but a transformation,
a total transfiguration of matter
brought about by the logical continuation
of Nature’s ascending march
in her progress towards perfection,
by the creation of a new species
that will be to man
what man is to the animal
and that will manifest upon earth a new force,
a new consciousness
and a new power. [1]

  1. On Education, p.38, “Psychic and Spiritual Education”