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Deux ex machina

Seeing a motorcycle spill its rider because of a loose bolt, we would hardly blame the motorcycle as being vicious. But the only thing we can do when a human being has a screw loose and hurts another human being, is to put him behind bars. So the question arises: Are we the keeper of our brother's screws? Or, Can love tighten up a loose screw?

Who will write a book on human beings: Unsafe at Any Speed, and try to get some safety devices built in, perhaps at the manufacturing level? Clearly some parents should lose their production license at least. Would they object as much as our automobile manufacturers if we told them there was overproduction?

Have you ever seen how the face of a friend or loved one changes when he gets behind a steering wheel? Be careful now! He doesn't know it, but he is possessed by the 300 horses in the machine.

Like the ancient Aztecs, we cheerfully sacrifice to our gods of power – our automobiles – 17,000 victims every year [1967].

Why not do it consciously: choose the victims more scientifically from the point of view of genetics, give them narcotics to make it painless, set aside certain days for the festivals, and then tax the fun?

Let us call the car by its true name: Satan, Baal, Beelzebub, or Moloch.