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Cybernetic credo

Have faith is not an order to believe in authorities of the past, in communities or religious organizations, in ceremonies or sacred books, in formulas or bygone miracles. It is to discover and possess in yourself the secret certitude, however veiled, that there is a meaning in things and in the universe and in ourselves and that this meaning is equivalent to a promise of ultimate victory, however distant.

Everything in this universe is part of the all-powerful, all-pervading cybernetics of the spirit. Every particle, every thing and every being is programmed towards a far-away and secret destination. Knowingly to possess this programme and to be able to read it is to know yourself.

The universe is neither a disorderly heap of atoms nor deteriorating into one. It is a living organism which, throughout the ages, renews and governs itself. It rules its different kingdoms through hierarchies that regulate themselves and one another. Whatever happens, the outcome is always order, an order approaching nearer and nearer to perfection. You start with a lump of matter, a breath of hydrogen, and end up with a universe.