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Conversations with a dolphin

by Imi Noa Mangus

The difficulty with man, said Tau Héré, is that he has two arms and two hands. Because of these, not only is a great part of his nervous system occupied with those hands, but also quite naturally he is constantly tempted to use them even when his intelligence is not sufficient to guarantee intelligent action. As a result, his action comes first and his reflection afterwards. His whole being is thrown on to the surface and occupied with the most unnecessary and futile interference with the work of nature and of evolution. They could make him into a happy being if he were not constantly obstructing their work.

That is why we dolphins have become really intelligent, or perhaps from the beginning we were intelligent, and so that is why we lost the use of our hands. The ideal of the dolphins is “Hands off the universe”.

The proper role for hands is not to fight against nature and evolution, but to participate in creation, one with its spirit and purpose.