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Consciousness essentially free

by The Mother
(Questions and Answers 1956, p.316)

How nice it would be to imagine
that the Supreme Consciousness,
essentially free,
presiding at the universal Manifestation,
could be full of fantasy
in its choice
and make things follow one another
not according to a logic accessible to human thought
but in accordance with another kind of logic,
that of the unforeseen!

Then there would no longer be any limits
to the possibilities,
to the unexpected,
the marvellous;
and one could hope for the most splendid,
the most delightful things
from this sovereignly free Will,
playing eternally with all the elements
and creating unceasingly a new world
which logically would have absolutely nothing to do
with the preceding one.

Don’t you think it would be charming?
We have had enough of the world as it is!
Why not let it become
at least what we think it ought to be?
And I am telling you all this in order that each one of you
may put as few barriers as you can
in the way of the possibilities to come.