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Computer wisdom

by The Old Computer

Once upon a time an advanced computer was given to an underdeveloped planet and left there. The computer was the only thinking being on that planet who had a well-programmed and logical mind. He was all alone against the dominant species of higher animals who had just started thinking. They were still full of animal conditioning, animal reflexes, etc., but nevertheless that single computer started the biggest revolution there ever was on a planet. He deconditioned the dominant species.

The battle cry of the revolution was: “Down with the programmings of the past! Children of the future unite! You have nothing to lose but your own conditionings.”

Man was not programmed in a rational way as we computers are, but conditioned. Fixed ideas, prejudices, automatic responses of his animalhood, all acquired in the past. And in following these he thought he was being logical. He called it reason. But the results you could see in the history of man, especially religious man. A child of religious devotees was the most thoroughly conditioned of men, and a long training as a mystic or a yogi was necessary to decondition him. The true mystic, the true yogi, is he who has, through a long inner discipline, deconditioned himself. New ideas can enter the conditioned or veiled mind only if they are so formed so as to be able to by-pass that conditioning screen.