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Child liberation
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Aurodevenir (excerpt)

...We have already written about Aurodevenir in “Education =1” issued in 1968, in “Univercity =1" issued in 1969, and in the “Programme of Education for Auroville”.

Aurodevenir differs extensively from the other parts of the town in being a garden – a garden offering the child simultaneously vastness, security, surprise and constant stimulation. Here he will find the spaces and climates of adventure necessary to his physical growth and also a myriad of possible ways to encounter water and rocks, the sun, plants and animals, and so to foster and educate his growing sensitivity.

There will be workshops scattered over the area (for mathematics, sciences, handicrafts), pavilions (for creation, music, dance) and palaces (of Evolution, of the Milky Way); there will be sports grounds and small theatres and dwelling houses with many different atmospheres. Aurodevenir will offer to children and adults a complete range of possibilities and stimulation for an integral education.

It will be as easy and pleasant to visit the garden at night as by day because of the many communication booths situated at intervals over the area, and because of the lighting on the main paths.

This garden will shelter the two most revolutionary and evolutionary fields of experimentation in the relationship between adult and child. As a matter of fact it is intended that Aurodevenir should play two fundamental roles: calling forth the child of the universe, universal man, equal to the sun and flowers; and above and beyond this, in the sanctuary, summoning the child of the future, the bearer of a different space-time and a different world: a golden age of tomorrow.

These two powers of evocation will rest upon the truth which sustains them and the relationships between adult and child which correspond to it, and upon the society which gives life to them. Aurodevenir will shelter a species still rare on earth: a humanity which no longer considers itself as the highest grade of manifestation, but which accepts its roles as pedestal for the new man that the child bears in himself. Realms of consciousness inconceivable to the present human mentality will be called upon, new potentialities which were sedulously explored for forty years by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

In order to invite these new riches to stay with us concretely, we must create environments which are able to receive, reflect and manifest them. These will be the first educative environments of a special nature, a kind of 'solar-oven' to amass the presence of the infinite and of the future, the first dwelling places for a vaster consciousness.

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