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Anticipation news

by Interplanetary News Service

The international conference to settle the dispute between Norway and England over the fishing rights in the North Sea started yesterday evening on the island of Tahiti.
         Beside the quiet lagoon with a full view of Moorea, the delegates participated in a common meditation lasting for three hours. When the moon rose, the Chief of the Marquesas Islands, M.K. Hakaiki, President of the Conference, spoke. His proposition was immediately accepted by the delegates of Norway and England. After two days, the dinner and dancing are still going on.

In the social clinic of the metropolis of Nova Mu in the year 2093, two socially maladjusted patients appeared. The first was accused of taking the helicopter of his neighbour to make a photographic safari in Africa. After interrogation by the head of the clinic and testimony of the experts, he was required to work two hours a day for two months in the zoological garden, and prepare a photographic record of life in the garden.
         The other patient had broken into a house and stolen a television set. Because of the gravity of the offense, and the fact that with one or two days' work he could have bought a TV, he was required to remain in the Himalayan monastery of Shangri-La until the opening of his third eye.

The fact that certain monkeys react against a movement of anger or even the simple thought of violence is being utilized by the Service for the Socially Maladjusted to re-educate those people who have to undergo treatment for decades of violence. They are given their full freedom only when they have won the confidence and friendship of an anthropoid.