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Anticipation calendar

Calendar of predicted scientific advances,
Invention Intelligence, July 1967.

Eighty-two experts in the United States recently took part in a conference at which, judging from the present trends in their respective fields, they predicted scientific and technological breakthroughs and the approximate dates at which they can be expected to occur.

Among thirty-one major possible breakthroughs listed with their dates were: Manned Mars and Venus fly-by, 1978, Artificial plastic and electronic organs for humans, 1982. Drugs to produce personality changes, 1983. Primitive forms of life created in the laboratory, 1989. Commercial ocean-bottom mining, 1989. Regional weather control, 1990. Synthetic protein food commercial feasible, 1990. Commercial global ballistic transport, 2000. Hereditary defects controlled by altering genes, 2000. Facsimile newspapers printed in the home, 2005. Bio-chemicals to aid growth of new organs and limbs, 2007. Drugs to raise the level of intelligence, 2012. Brain-computer link to enlarge man’s intellect, 2020. Control of aging process (extend life fifty years), 2050. Breeding highly intelligent animals, 2050. Limited control over forces of gravity, 2050.

=1 can add to this list:

Illumination courses in the universities, 1990. Biochemicals to produce the feeling of oneness, obligatory for politicians and diplomatic corps, 1983. Long-duration coma for people underdeveloped in the =1 sense (to permit time-travel), 1984. Spiritually higher forms of life created, 2050. Angels 2052.
Archangels 2056.
1999: =1 reaches the world’s largest circulation amongst daily papers, 62 million copies in 41 languages.