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The last great anticipation document was the Book of Revelation. I say great because of the tremendous influence it had for 2,000 years. It is always easy to anticipate doom, or to give voice to our animal-ancestor fears of the night. There is much, too, of triumph in it, and if medieval man was obsessed with the last judgment and eternal hell perhaps we should not blame the book. That influence is clearly visible in art and life even today. It continues also in a lot of our science fiction, which seems to be under the influence of the same baseless fears. Only the demons have been replaced by bug-eyed monsters from space.

Man has nothing to fear in this universe but himself. There is no night any more for man as there was for our ancestors. Our universe is full of stars, and he who knows the stars – why should he fear the darkness?

We have to distinguish between psychologically helpful and psychologically destructive influences and formations. Once we can do that we will want to change our psychology, for it has to be changed first if we want a different life on earth. True life always looks forward to something better here, not in some paradise beyond. True spirituality is always optimistic and joyful. There are psychological forces which help, lift, and carry us forward towards our desired goal, and there are forces and formations which cripple and hinder and build imaginary obstacles on our way towards our future.

In the end it is always Life and Truth which triumph. To look into the future we have not only to extrapolate and go beyond what we know now. This, science fiction tries to do. But in our going beyond we must not lose our spiritual bearings.