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Anno Domini 3000

by =1 Special Correspondent

An interview

Reporter: Governor Hsi Min, you are one of Earth's forty governors. Please explain your work to our readers.

Hsi Min: Almost every day I meet with my colleagues in the Hall of Government. It is that triply-guarded building where the giant government computer is housed in its air-conditioned vaults. No one is allowed in the vaults themselves; the computer repairs itself, and the hall which you see above ground is where we human governors meet the computer.

It is this computer that makes all the decisions of state, passes the new laws, controls the budget. It replaces the old parliament. The computer is in constant touch with every citizen of the world, knows exactly what is called the consensus or public opinion on every question, and can evaluate it not only numerically but also according to the amount of information behind each individual opinion.

As you may remember from your study of history, the computer was carefully programmed by the founding fathers of the Constitutional Assembly. Everyone agreed that it was desirable for human decision-making to be entirely eliminated, so the only mechanical or electronic connections permitted between the computer and man are with the decision-printer. Still it was desirable for new laws to be proposed from time to time and for the computer to be in a more intimate contact with life and man than a mere electronic machine would have permitted. Therefore, before being sealed in its steel vault the computer was given extrasensory perception, which extended to those present in the governors' room.

Now there is only one way to initiate new legislation. That is to sit silently in this Hall of Government and think in a very clear and precise way what we want done. The computer will hear us, ask questions, answer us, and then perhaps act on our proposal or even submit it to a popular vote. All these procedures were developed in accordance with the laws of bio-cybernetics, which govern the symbiosis of man and supermachines.