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"The Eternity Game"
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Advice to the Player

Once Socrates asked his daimon or guiding spirit for some advice and received the answer: “Make more music.” Socrates was astonished, because he was a philosopher and teacher and not a musician. But submitting to his guiding light he went out and bought himself a flute. Later, after pondering the matter, he understood.

Confucious also asked a similar question of the I Ching, as he tells us in his commentary on this book, and received in answer the symbol ‘charm’. “Is that proper advice for an old philosopher?” he asked himself, perplexed. “That would be more suitable for a young girl.” But then upon due meditation he discovered that charm was just what he was lacking in his philosophy.

So it may be that the answer of the cards to your question seems irrelevant at first. But don't reject it without due consideration, because it is your own secret inner knowledge which is speaking to you, and it may understand things which your surface consciousness does not. Our surface consciousness, caught in the hypnotizing web of physical time and space, regulates all our daily life and tries to conform the rest of our being to its narrow objectives.

Thus it almost entirely conceals our true role as children of eternity. But our subconscious, like our superconscious, is the possessor of a truer knowledge and may send us messages, warnings or inklings, intuitions or inspirations, even visions. Both speak to us in our dreams and meditations. Who, however, can remember and interpret his dreams? And how many people can meditate regularly? But the great archetypes of the inner worlds which are represented by the cards and their symbols can be understood by our waking consciousness. With their help all the levels of our being can relate and interact with one another. In this way each of us may become an integral personality.

It is no chance that puts the cards into your hands. For the wise, chance does not exist; for him everything is significant. Therefore if it happens that you draw the same card several times, you can be quite sure that this is your card, your symbol, your truth and your way. Meditate on the symbol, and the play will introduce you into the world of the mystics and of yoga.

“in fact the world is full of many systems of correspondences and indices... It is evident, however, that it is only an intuitive knowledge that can discover and formulate them”[1]

You will find that the farther you advance and the higher your consciousness rises, the more deep and comprehensive will be your understanding of the symbols and the forces behind them, until you become able to identify with all of them and delight in the whole of yourself and the universe.

If you ask questions in order to solve your problems and find your way, the play may become an oracle for you. Then like Socrates you may have to buy your flute and take the step indicated: perhaps subject yourself to a discipline or take the attitude recommended. The cards can only point to the truth; it is not their fault if the message doesn't seem to correspond to your problem. Try to find out what was wrong or insincere in your question and correct it. Remember that truth and falsehood cannot sit on the same throne. You must fulfill the conditions of truth before you can appeal to the great powers of liberation and transformation. But if you do open yourself to the force field of truth, it will answer you according to its own law and the game will become for you an evocation. Be aware, however, of the force of the great powers; if you call them, don't think you can deceive them or later hide from them.

Play with sincerity – and you may meet the inner guru, the divine companion who like Sri Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita will guide you in the great battle of life. At each moment he will explain to you what is happening and what you must do, which way to go in order to conquer your inner kingdom, and what force you can call to help you. Your fears and ignorance will disappear in the light of his smile. Your highest destiny will be sanctioned and even your past will be justified.

So play with candour and simplicity, and you will meet yourself, your highest knowledge which is waiting for you.

Step into the enchanted castle as a prince who is going to waken the sleeping princess and by whose touch everything comes to life and all treasure-chambers open. Awaken the sleeping forces of transformation within you which the cards indicate. They will guide you beyond your small momentary ego-limitations into a greater truth of an unknown dominion of yourself. Thus the game will be a constant invitation to join with the powers of the cosmos and climb the ladder of fulfillment.

Play, and eternity will become your friend.

A burning head of vision leads the mind,
Thought trails behind it its long comet tail;
The heart glows, an illuminate and seer,
And sense is kindled into identity.[2]

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