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"The Eternity Game"
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About the absence of negative cards

There are no negative cards in the game because in our universe there are no negative forces of transformation. You may meet forces which seem to be opposed to you because you don't fulfill their conditions for help. There may even be forces which seem evil to you and you think the universe would be better without them. Yet finally they also will do good because the structure of our universe has been built by love and knowledge and delight, and it flows through eternity towards omega as an ever greater and wider and higher consciousness. Therefore everything and every event will sooner or later turn into something ultimately good and delightful.

Yet how can you find out in our game whether or not you are going in the right direction, or whether the people you meet will be helpful or harmful to your plans, when there are no negative cards to warn you? The mere absence in a game, for example, of the great mothers or of your personal protectors and helpers, should tell you to beware, or not to go in a particular way.

If life offers you two paths, two different opportunities, and you don't know which to accept, lay out the cards simultaneously for the two sides, the two options, and then choose that which has the greater cards.

Once you have become acquainted with the game you will understand its friendly warnings even without negatives. If the name or the gift side of a card turns up, you may be sure of the help, but if its psychological seat, its house, is at the top, and you have not prepared in yourself a place to receive it, or you cannot fulfill its conditions, the help remains a conditional offer.

To meet any of the archetypes and make them our friends we have to go forward to evolve. We must rise on the ladder of being into their kingdoms. We have to lift our consciousness up to the summits where they are waiting for us. Then only can we count always and forever on their help.

“And what is the end of the whole matter? As if honey could taste itself and all its drops together and all its drops could taste each other and each the whole honeycomb as itself, so should the end be with God and the soul of man and the universe.”[1]

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