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A question of bliss

As the technician angels listened, the inspecting angel made his report:

“The planet I visited seemed to be all right a few cosmic hours ago. Two ice-ages had come and gone. There were plenty of mammoth and woolly rinoceros, and a few two-legged beings that seemed to hold some promise for future evolution. So my visit now was without any dark forebodings. But when I arrived I could see immediately that the anandametric index had fallen below the danger point, and terrible things were happening on the planet.

“The two-legged ones have taken over, killed the mammoth and rhinoceros, and are having a population explosion. Something has to be done immediately.”

The technicians decided that simply the lack of ananda, the fundamental bliss of existence, was sufficient to explain the dangerous state of affairs, and decided on a careful injection of ananda concentrate. A comet was sent, and a few hours later, when the inspector angel came again (on the planet of course 50,000 years had passed) things were in order again. The ugly yellow blotches, the smog and the dusty rivers, the fungi of the cities all were gone, and beautiful prairies lay green in the sun. The last man happily, joyously, rapturously refused to procreate.

And a new man had come to take his place, quite different, in possession of the wholeness of his being.