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A new dance for the suns

by Medhananda

Finally the mathematical angels, with the help of the celestial computers, eolved the 3-body calculation problem: how to put three suns together in a stable equilibrium. The elohim insisted on evolving star systems with six, seven or fourteen suns in stable equilibrium, but in spite of all their endeavors the angels had not been able to put together more than three. So it was Lord Vishnu himself who said, “I will show you.”

That is how it happened that in 17th-century Europe, in the little town of Eisenach, Vishnu took birth as Johann Sebastian Bach. As a musician he worked out what is called the well-tempered piano, but in reality it was the movement of seven or more suns around a common and always changing centre of gravity.

When for the first time he played that movement the whole universe paused to hear, and each note of light was carried by the angels in their golden pails through metaspace to the farthest reaches of the universe.

And today we have solar systems of seven and more stars.

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