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"The Eternity Game"
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A final word about interpretation

What being, consciousness and bliss are, neither philosophy nor science, religion nor occultism can tell us. No ratiocination, no ‘book-learning’, no dictionary, or grammar, can teach us here. But one by one we may meet their realities in our life by a living experience. And the Eternity Game can help us.

Eternity, infinity, ecstasy are all words whose purpose is not to explain anything but to call our attention to a limit, a boundary for the mind. We have to accomplish a quanta leap and the Eternity Game will help us to do it at the right moment. Transcendence, resonance, presence and so on call for metanoia, a state beyond ordinary consciousness. Let the game open our inner doors to it.

Remember, only by becoming like children will we enter the kingdom, and the way of the child is playing. We can pretend to be the king in our kingdom, or to meet the queen of heaven, or to find the treasure , and lo! we are already that: we have met her and we have found the treasure.

The archetypes of the Eternity Game, like the fairy tales of the past, hide more wisdom than miles upon miles of old and new books in our big libraries.

No doctor can tell us what health is, no astronomer explain why the stars call; no physicist will give us the ultimate formula of reality, no mathematician can calculate our past and future lives; no specialist can help us understand what joy is. But you know already in the secret chambers of your soul more things than are between heaven and earth. Yet only as a child of eternity can you enter this fairy castle. Become a child of eternity by playing her game.