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= 1 war

by P. Daniel

Those who advertise always do a better job, psychologically speaking, than those who fight against a thing.

Most of our difficulties are psychological, no technological. If we know that – and most of the time we know it but ignore it – our problem is already half solved. Three examples will show what I mean.

First, disarmament – a purely psychological problem. Our armament race is based on fear, and fear is rarely a healthy emotion. Respect for the enemy, yes. But fear is not overcome by more fear. And the psychological specialists have not yet been trained to treat our presidents, prime ministers, chairmen of councils.

Second, traffic deaths – another purely psychological problem. The guilty driver is, or was, usually a psychopathic person, and could have been recognized as such by appropriate tests before the accident, perhaps even have been cured or at least prevented from driving. But again, long prison sentences or slogan campaigns based on fear are no the cure.

Third, cigarette smoking – again a purely psychological problem, and only secondarily a health one. Unhappy, lonely children suck their thumbs. Unhappy people, perhaps physically adult but psychologically not yet grown into real independence, into the real wholeness of being, still longing to grasp a mother substitute, suck the end of a cigar, a cigarette or a pipe. “You are a real he-man when you smoke. You will be modern and desirable when you smoke, so show it by smoking our coffin nails!”

Here again fear of lung cancer is not the cure. The frightened child sucks all the more. Remember, the man who can't stop smoking when he wants to has not yet grown up!

Of all the committees, councils, services, societies, associations and departments organized to fight against the bomb, against smoking, against traffic accidents, not a single one is psychological. But the warfare has to be.