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White Peacock is a ceramic arts studio for children and adults.

The objectives of White Peacock are:

  • To create a space for exploration of creativity through clay work
  • To build and maintain a community space where the Human Unity spirit appears in a group of people guided by their passion for art
  • To build more confidence and a sense of peace through self realization
  • To encourage children and adults to develop their artistic skills to allow the artist within to emerge
  • To provide an opportunity for learning after school/work time and weekends
  • To help young children develop and improve their fine motor skills
  • To discover one’s hidden potential using art language and support from co-students and facilitator

Children of Auroville, Aurovilians and Newcomers participate in clay classes regularly.

Clay work gives an opportunity for students to freely express something deep within themselves and to come in contact with one's inner self.


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  • Phone:
+91-413-2622769 Saraswati
+91-9787571633 (mob.) Saraswati
+91-9486908174 (mob.) Anna
  • Email: aurokatrusya@gmail.com
  • Post:
Kindergarten, "White Peacock Studio"
Auroville, 605101
Tamil Nadu, India

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