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“Disciple: Can one know and see these forces?

Sri Aurobindo : Of course, you can. If something in you can put itself in touch with these planes you can know them and see them. I hope you don't believe that your physical self is the only being in you. These forces have their own plane and they are not all the time busy with your earth plane. You must not exaggerate the importance of the earth-plane.
         Even for us the external, physical life of man does not matter much. Not that the earth-plane is not important. It is important according to what you can put into it. Otherwise, how is the physical life of man better than that of an ant? In order to bring down any higher spiritual force into the earth-plane you require to sit down to it, you have to call down and hold the Power in you. You have to allow it to organise your being and transform it. Then you can think of action.”[1]

“The place where you were [in a dream] is as much a world of fact and reality as is the material world and its happenings have sometimes a great effect on this world. What an ignorant lot of disciples you all are! Too much modernisation and Europeanisation by half!
         These things are meetings on the vital plane, but very often in the transcription of what happened some details get in that are contributed by the subconscient mind. I rather suspect all that about X was such a contribution. The rest seems all right.”[2]

(Medhananda:) “The vital world is like a big aquarium, a big soup where beings are mingled and rather indistinct. There it is part of the game for the gazelle to turn into a lion. That world remains harmonious so long as no human being, even one of goodwill, interferes, imposing their mind on the vital – a mind that does not have the capacity to control anything at all. Only the truth-consciousness would have the power to intervene.”[3]

“Of course, here too it is a question of people going in their sleep to places of the vital worlds which are very bad, and then, when they return, sometimes they are more than tired, at times they are ill, or they are absolutely exhausted. This is because they were in bad places and had a fight. But this surely has something to do with the state of the consciousness during the waking hours. If, for example, you have been angry during the day, you see, there are many chances that at night you will be in a vital fight for some time. This happens.”[4]

“What is the use of the same things happening on both planes; it would be superfluous and otiose. The vital plane is a field where things can be done which for some reason or other can’t be done now on the physical.
         There are of course hundreds of varieties of things in the vital as it is a much richer and more plastic field of consciousness than the physical, and all are not of equal validity and value. I am speaking above of the things that are valid. By the way, without this vital plane there would be no art, poetry or literature — these things come through the vital before they can manifest here.”[5]

“It is only when the experiences are in the vital realm that some are likely to be false formations.”[6]

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