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“In fact, the vital has three sources of subsistence. The one most easily accessible to it comes from below, from the physical energies through the sensations.
         The second is on its own plane, when it is sufficiently vast and receptive, by contact with the universal vital forces.
         The third, to which it usually opens only in a great aspiration for progress, comes to it from above by the infusion and absorption of spiritual forces and inspiration.
         To these sources men always strive more or less to add another, which is for them at the same time the source of most of their torments and misfortunes. It is the interchange of vital forces with their fellows, usually in groups of two, which they most often mistake for love, but which is only the attraction between two forces that take pleasure in mutual interchange.”[1]

“There are three sources, you know. The third source is usually closed to people; it comes to them only in moments of great aspiration. When they have a very great aspiration and rise towards higher forces, at that time the vital can receive these higher forces into itself; and then this becomes a source of considerable energy for it. But in its ordinary, habitual life it is not in contact with these forces — unless, of course, it is transformed; but I am speaking of the ordinary vital in ordinary life. It is not open to this source of higher forces, and for it this is even altogether non-existent. In the immense majority of people all their vital force comes to them from below, from the earth, from food, from all the sensations. From food... they draw vital energy out of food, and they... it is by seeing, hearing, touching, feeling that they contact the energies contained in matter. They draw them in this way. This is their customary food.
         Now, some people have a very developed vital which they have subjected to a discipline — and they have a sense of immensity and are in contact with the world and the movements of world-forces. And so they can receive... if they aspire and call... they can receive the universal vital forces which enter them and renew the amount of energy they need.
         There are others, very rare ones — or maybe in very rare moments of their individual life — who have an aspiration for the higher consciousness, higher force, higher knowledge, and who, by this call, draw to themselves the forces of higher domains. Then this also renews in them very special energies, of a special value.
         But unless one is practising yoga, a regular discipline, usually one does not often contact this source; one draws from the same level or from below.”[2]

“(Regarding the difficulties of certain disciples)

... But anyway, it's settling down — we are in the years of settling down. Everyone is caught by his own illusion — it's always the mirage of an illusion. She [Y.] is convinced, it is her very deep belief, that she is causing the Supermind to descend upon earth. And many, many people among those I know are caught by that illusion; so they go off at a tangent far away from the Truth, towards a ‘fabulous’ realization.
         Pride, vanity — that's the worst trap. And when they feel that sort of vital force in them [as Y. does], they believe all at once that they have caught the Thing....”[3]

“Look, we were just talking about Y. I was seeing a kind of small world (again that same round, moving gesture), and there were all sorts of things within it that went like this and like that '(Mother draws spirals within that roundness), and then there was a falsehood (laughing): it was the consciousness she had of herself! It took hold of everything and distorted the movement.”[4]

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