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Ascent to Peace, Joy and Ananda

by Champaklal


It is very difficult to write but I will try, because it is very interesting.

Four little Ashram children came to me and said, “We are going to do something be we ourselves don't know what we are going to do. We have not informed anyone about this. We have come to take you with us. We have not asked any other person. We don't want them; they will spoil everything.

I wrote, “I don't speak.”

One child came very near me and said, “We know you don't speak, you just come there. We want you with us.”

I wrote, “I also would like very much to be with you.”

All the children said, “Yes, yes, we know; that is why we have come.”

I wrote, “But where will you take me?”

The children said laughingly, “We also don't know.”

All the children were laughing.

One little child came very close to me and gave a broad smile. I saw he had just learnt to walk. He caught hold of my hand and with the other hand made a sign of getting up and made another sign to walk with him. It was so nice to see his expression and all his movements. He did not speak a word; only expressions and signs. He was walking in such a way as if he knew where he had to go. I was wondering to myself, “What is this?” The children said, “We don't know.” “How is it possible?” I thought. Then I quietly walked with them, we reached a place where I saw a very wide open space only. The ground and the sky were beautiful and luminous pink in colour. There in the middle of that place other children were waiting for us. They might be about forty to fifty in number. As soon as we reached them I saw they were very happy to see me with them.

They surrounded me – they received me only with smiles and silent expressions. No words; everyone was very quiet. The little child who had led me to this place came to me and holding my hand began to lead us further. We walked a lot and came to another place. Everywhere I found new and very wide open places. There I saw a huge tree of ‘Patience’ covering a large area. It was as big as Kabirvad (Kabir's Banyan tree)* – even bigger and more beautiful in form. Some branches were touching the ground from many sides. The tree was full of light and its golden flowers were as big as the rose flower of ‘Surrender’. Each flower was shining like the sun. The place where we were standing was extremely beautiful and had a pink colour. All around and above there was a bright lightof blue colour. And there I saw, far from us, flashes of golden lightning all around and above continuously. I was standing in front of the tree and admiring this beautiful new world. Just then in front of me I saw the Mother and Sri Aurobindo sitting. But, on what they were sitting and where they were resting their feet I could not see at all. I could only see their golden luminous figures charging the space all around with their golden light. It is very difficult to put in words what I saw about them. They were at my eye level. I looked at them, they were smiling. There was such a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, at the same time so full of joy – one cannot imagine!

I stretched my hands in front of them and kept my palms open. I saw a big dish on one palm with a cover very dark and muddy, black in colour. I tried hard, again and again, to take off the black cover but could not. I looked at the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, both of them smiled beautifully with a great compassion and I felt very close to them. After this I tried once more to take off the black cover. As soon as I touched it, it disappeared – I could not see where. After this I saw in its place a yellow cover. I tried to take off that also but the same thing happened in the same way. It also disappeared. The cover began to change from black to yellow then to pink and blue, white, silver and gold. Every time I had to do the same movement to remove the cover. When I touched the gold cover it disappeared and to my surprise I saw in the dish a luminous golden lotus fully blossomed. I took the lotus in my hand; the moment I took it there appeared to my surprise once again the same dish as I had seen with the muddy black cover upon it. Without looking back I passed the dish to one who was just behind me. Then I looked at the Mother and Sri Aurobindo; they were smiling. Something came from them and entered into me and I began to go up and straight, higher and higher. Suddenly I stopped, I could not go further. When I looked up I saw the Mother and Sri Aurobindo very high up. I tried to see where I was standing but I could not make out – only I saw pale-blue light, as if I was standing in it; it was very soothing and I saw some movements taking place in all my centres. I cannot describe them. Peace, Joy and Ananda were around me and within me.

After a while I saw a little child by my side, standing very happily with a golden luminous lotus in his hand. He was narrating all his happy moments. He was spontaneously acting exactly as I had done. I asked him whether he had seen what had happened when I had been with him below, whether he had seen what I had done. He said that when he had stood behind me he had not know what had happened to him. He was sure he had not been sleeping. He said, “Only when you passed the dish suddenly my hand went towards you and took the dish. All movements were spontaneous. Oh, it was wonderful!” Exactly the same thing he described that I had experienced.

One after another all the children came up. They were extremely happy. Some were telling me, some were telling their friends. Everyone had had the same experience.

The little child who had guided me was completely changed. The other children were dancing and jumping gracefully with full-opened golden luminous lotuses in their hands. Suddenly the child, who had not spoken a single word, shouted at the top of his voice, “Look, look, look up.” While saying this his face had bloomed.

We looked upwards and saw that the Mother and Sri Aurobindo were glorious with a perfectly bright golden light around them, and there was nothing around except this golden light. Their bodies, too, were of an exactly similar light. They had the same bodies but still they looked different. From there, a torrent of that light was rushing towards us and we all were standingin that very light. That light was many times more bright than the sun but our eyes were not dazzled by its brightness, as it happens when we look towards the sun. It was such that we would like to go on looking at it. It was a very wonderful and indescribable sight. I asked the children, “Is it not nice to remain here for ever?” I don't know what happened next; my eyes opened.

This was so real and vivid. I still see everything as if I am living in it.

* In Gujarat there is a big Banyan tree called Kabirvad. It is such a huge tree that you can't even find its main trunk.