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Arrows Turning into Beautiful Flowers

by Champaklal


Some people were standing in the middle of a vast open space. Some arrows were going towards them but I could not make out from where the arrows came. The wonder was that the arrows, as soon as they approached these persons, turned into beautiful flowers which were of several varieties, some of them never seen before. They spread their sweet beautiful fragrance everywhere.

Around the persons was formed a huge mountain of flowers. All the persons who were standing there began to come up. The mountain of flowers disappeared and in its place was found a big lake with various kinds of flowers floating in it. Those people were moving around in the water. At first I saw only their heads. Gradually the other parts of their bodies were also seen. Then I saw the flowers going inside the different parts of the bodies, after which they began to walk on the water just as we walk on the ground. Now they did not move round and round as before, but were going straight – far and far away.

The atmosphere was full of wonderful sweet fragrance the like of which I had never experienced before. I took a long breath and the Vision disappeared. I remained in that atmosphere for some time.