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An Experience with the Mother's Photograph

by Champaklal


On the day we arrived at brother Kanad's house at Jammu, the first thing I saw was the Mother's beautiful photograph hanging on the wall of the verandah. I have seen many photographs of this type. But this one was exceptionally beautiful. It made me very happy.

One afternoon during our stay there, almost everybody was resting. I did not require rest because by the Mother's grace, I always felt very fresh. So I went to the verandah to enjoy the open air, and sat on a chair. The Mother's photograph was there just behind me. My neck spontaneously turned again and again in its direction. It was very difficult to move my sight from Her. It seemed to me as if the Mother were standing and looking at me from the window. I was so happy to see it and was enjoying it very much. Just then brother Kanad came and sat beside me. As I was observing silence, I wrote for him what I felt about the photograph.

In the evening we were sitting on the lawn in a circle. After some time brother Kanad came and sat beside me and asked for blessings. I thought it would be very interesting for him to know what had happened just before he came. Here is the account written by our brother Richard who was also present:

“When we came back, we met the friendly dog (female) who, seeing us, began to wag her tail. Then we sat on the lawn in a circle. Behind, in the verandah, the Mother's photograph was hanging on the wall. Suddenly the dog began to bark, facing the verandah, as though some stranger had come there. Umaben laughed and said, “The dog has just now noticed the Mother's photograph.” We could not believe this and began to suggest other possible explanations. But no! the dog moved about, near the verandah, growling as she looked up and did not want to go near. Champaklal was watching intently. Umaben tried to tell the dog to be quiet, but she would not, and Champaklal seeing something behind this strange behaviour of the dog, signed to Umaben not to stop the dog from barking. Again and again Champaklal signed to her.

Then perhaps to show us that the Mother's photograph was the cause of the excitement or perhaps to calm the dog, Umaben got up quietly and, speaking to the dog, went and stood under the Mother's photograph in the verandah. She called her to show that there was no reason for fear.

The dog came, first slowly and sniffing carefully all round near the photograph as through the scent of someone were there, and satisfied herself that all was safe. Then she sat down again in a corner of the verandah, perfectly calm and happy.”

I find it very interesting because what I had felt during the day-time was felt by the dog in the evening. The dog felt the Mother's presence. First she got frightened and remained very far from the Mother's photograph, she began to bark. Then slowly she went a little nearer, stopped and began to bark once more. Again she came back, then went forward still nearer than before, and began to bark again. She repeated this several times. At the end she went near the Mother's photograph with the help of Umaben.

I wanted to see what the dog was doing all on her own. And it was interesting to watch her movements and her expression.