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Auroville residents mostly use personal transport. These include motorcycles and bi-cycles. More and more 4 wheelers are making their way into the community.

The Auroville Taxi Service provided taxis to tourists, guests and Aurovilians for over a decade. Since several years, many other taxi services have cropped up around Auroville. Unity Transport Service has branched off in 2007 to provide Auroville TaxiShare service for taxi pooling.

SAIIER Transport Service offers bus service to Pondy three mornings a week. They also provide the daily shuttle to school children during the day and evening to shuttle them back and forth from the Sports Ground.

There have been new electrical vehicle initiative in the last years. Quiet Transport and EV Future team are looking into electric bicycles, motor cycles and solar charging stations.

Auroville Community Transport is a new initiative to provide an umbrella of services to promote mass transit in the community of Auroville.