The Mother's Force

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“Champaklal: Mother, I want to see your Force.

Mother: Oh, you want to see my Force? If I draw out my Force you will completely collapse; you will be flat. Do you want to experience it? You will not be able to go even up to the railway station.”[1]

“You often speak of the Mother’s Force. What is it?

It is the Divine Force which works to remove the ignorance and change the nature into the divine nature.”[2]

“(As he is about to leave, Satprem lays his forehead on Mother's knees and receives a mass of force. He probably appears stunned by the ‘avalanche’, and Mother remarks:)

It comes like this (Mother bangs her fist down as if into Matter).
         But it's rather interesting because it comes straight from above and when it reaches the earth atmosphere, it gathers there all the energies of the earth, and then it enters (same gesture). Now it has become like that. A rather strong golden light, which comes massively, then touches the earth atmosphere and ATTRACTS and gathers the vital energies of the earth, and then it goes like this (same gesture banging down). I see it – I see the thing – and it goes through my arms, my hands.... (With an ironic smile:) Do you feel something or not?

Oh, yes, I feel the Force!

(Mother laughs at Satprem's tone) Good; then it's all right!
         But it is very interesting. It's growing stronger and stronger ... day after day, month after month.

(the hour strikes)

Very well, so we won't bother about doctors. Au revoir, mon petit! ”[3]

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