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“In what does the supermind take interest?

It takes interest in the transformation of the world — in the descent of forces in the material world and its transformation, in its preparation so that it may be able to receive the supramental forces.”[1]

“If we look at the question from a sufficient height, in order to manifest, this Truth-Power needs a response, you follow, and It doesn't want to have any preference: it matters little whether this point or that point, this or that will manifest it; It goes like this (gesture of a massive, general pressure), It imposes itself on the earth-atmosphere, and what's capable of responding responds. And then, on the point that responds, the Force manifests.
         It isn't the Force that selects the point (I don't know if I am making myself understood): it is a global action, and what's capable of responding responds.
         As for us, we want It, we aspire for It, we even know, and naturally, because we know, we have a sort of conviction that we are cut out to respond.... But it's not a question of conviction: it has to be a fact.”[2]

“You have said that we must develop “an intimate, a constant, absolute, inevitable union with the vibration of the Supramental forces”. How is one to acquire the faculty of feeling this vibration? Has the process of sadhana undergone a change with the creation of a new world and new world-conditions by the Supramental Manifestation? What should a sadhaka do to speed his progress under the new conditions?

Yes, the Sadhana has undergone a great change, because it is now in the physical itself that you have to do it.
         Concentrate on the physical transformation; by physical I mean the mental, vital and body consciousness.
         You are trying to get the experience in your mind, but it is not the mind that can get it. Come out of your mind and you will understand what I mean.”[3]

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