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Transcript of:
Sri Aurobindo's Vision of our Earth
by Shraddhavan, 2011 (58:29)
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“This mess is too big...”

So the title is “Sri Aurobindo's Vision of the Earth and Our Human Role in the Fulfillment of Its Destiny”. And I'm happy that the Earth Week organizers have given me the chance to make this presentation; because every year, when Earth Day comes around, I have the feeling that Earth Week in Auroville ought to be celebrated in a rather different way from similar celebrations around the world. Because Auroville is has been created as a field for the realization, for the materialization, of Sri Aurobindo's vision. Which is actually way ahead of even the very best attempts at ecology and sustainability we see humanity attempting – engaging – at present.

So I feel maybe this should be a time to remind ourselves here in Auroville, about what is special and unique about this amazing experiment that we've committed ourselves to. Which doesn't mean that we shouldn't be following, and promoting, all the best practices – all the different kinds of best practices that have already been identified – for minimizing the catastrophic damage that human beings seem to be inflicting on our poor planet.

But, whatever the well-meaning efforts we may make – and here in Auroville there are a lot of well-meaning efforts going on; I'm really very grateful to the people who are teaching us, encouraging us to recycle our waste, to be more aware of water issues, and other such problems – I don't know about you, but I have a feeling of helplessness. And when I started to think about this presentation, I was remembering the words of Dr. Seuss; in The Cat in the Hat he says:

“This mess is too big and too high and too tall.
It cannot be cleared up at all!”

You know, we have this feeling, no? That 'how is it ever all going to be repaired?', all this terrible damage.

Well, in The Cat in the Hat story, that isn't the end of the story. Just at the last moment, when Mother is about to come back and it's the moment of crisis, the Cat in the Hat waves his hat, and Thing 1 and Thing 2 – who have created all this huge mess – they immediately clean it all up in the twinkling of an eye. And we all hope that something like that is going to happen with our earth. And then we can comfort ourselves: we can remember that Sri Aurobindo has written in Savitri that “All can be done if the god-touch is there”[1].

But perhaps we have some kind of responsibility to help that god-touch to come. So that'll be part of what I'll be exploring this evening.

“Authors of earth's high change”

So another thing that I remembered in this context – from I think about 50-odd years ago – is reading the saying of a Hasidic rabbi, a Jewish mystic from central Europe. As I remember it, he had this sentence:

“O God, if you wake in the night and feel thirsty,
who will give you water to drink if I am not there?”

It has stuck in my mind. And this sentence of a Jewish mystic is expressive of an understanding – that's there in certain strands of Judaism – that if the Divine wants something done here in the material world, then he relies on human beings to carry it out. We are here as a kind of partnership with the Divine.

So Sri Aurobindo confirms this understanding in some very poignant lines from Savitri I just would like to read to you now. He says:

An epic of hope and failure breaks earth’s heart
[She] Knows that one high step might enfranchise all
And, suffering, looks for greatness in her sons.
But dim in human hearts the ascending fire
The Inconscient’s mindless waters block all done.[2]
The gods are still too few in mortal forms.[3]

In the same passage he reminds us – he calls us, human beings – he says:

Authors of earth’s high change, to you it is given
To cross the dangerous spaces of the soul
And touch the mighty Mother stark awake
And meet the Omnipotent in this house of flesh
And make of life the million-bodied One.[4]

So he asks:

O Force-compelled, Fate-driven earth-born race,
O petty adventurers in an infinite world
And prisoners of a dwarf humanity,
How long will you tread the circling tracks of mind
Around your little self and petty things?
But not for a changeless littleness were you meant,
Not for vain repetition were you built;
A Seer, a strong Creator, is within,
The immaculate Grandeur broods upon your days,
Almighty powers are shut in Nature’s cells.
A greater destiny waits you in your front[5]

So perhaps we should be taking all the disasters we see happening around us in the world as a wake-up call, to remind us again that we've come here to participate in the adventure that the Mother told us about: assisting in the birth of a new world, a new creation.

And of course our starting point – the starting-point that she has given us – is the first step, the first necessity: to become a true Aurovilian. And that is to look inside ourselves and find out who we really are. It's like a kind of first step.

So it's my feeling that to remind ourselves and each other of what we are here for in Auroville is perhaps the most appropriate way to express our concern about the earth and what happens to her.

I remember last year the Earth Week had a very good motto; they said, “Make every day Earth Day”. And I think that's what we should be doing and that's what we're here to do.

A Yoga for the earth

So at Savitri Bhavan we are finding that close group study of the words of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother is a very effective way; it is helping us to develop a shared understanding of their vision. That shared understanding of course each of us has to live out individually, in the best way that we can. But we've come here to Auroville, all of us somehow, to help realize that vision.

So this presentation – it's an offering and an invitation to all of you, to undertake a deeper exploration of at least one aspect of that very special vision they have offered us. Last year I tried to share some insights with pictures – with some of Mother's images around this theme. But this year I'm just going to share some words. Some of these powerful words from Sri Aurobindo.

So the title was “Sri Aurobindo's Vision...” – the way Sri Aurobindo sees it, to start with. Just some short extracts from letters. He says:

“I am concerned with the earth and not with worlds beyond for their own sake; it is a terrestrial realisation that I seek and not a flight to distant summits.”[6]
“[M]y Yoga is done not for myself […] but precisely for the earth consciousness, to open a way to the earth consciousness to change.”[7]

And speaking of the Ashram, he said:

“[H]ere a special work has to be done and a new realisation achieved for the earth and not for ourselves alone. It is necessary to stand apart from the rest of the world so as to separate ourselves from the ordinary consciousness in order to bring down a new one.”[8]

That effort has been done in the Ashram, and Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have done this work of bringing down the new consciousness. And I think in Auroville, a big part of our role is to maintain our connection with the rest of the world.

But that doesn't mean that we just have to get absorbed in that ordinary consciousness. We're supposed to be channels; we're supposed to be links with that new realization that they have prepared.

“Our way is the pressure of the spirit upon the earth consciousness to change.”[9]

What is the earth?

And then, what is the earth? The earth is a material field of evolution. Mind and Life, Supermind, Satchitananda, are in principle involved there in the earth-consciousness. But only Matter is at first organized. Then Life descends from the life-plane, and gives shape and organization and activity to the life-principle in Matter. It creates the plant and animal. Then Mind descends from the mind-plane, creating man. Now Supermind is to descend, so as to create a supramental race.

So that is an important part – is that our earth is not only Matter. And contained within her is the principle of all the other planes and modes and possibilities of existence.

It is ourselves that we have to transform, and change the earth-consciousness by bringing in the supramental principle into the evolution there. Once there, it will necessarily have a powerful influence in the whole earth-life; as Mind has had in the evolution of man, but much greater.

So I think Auroville has been created for that work; and we are all here to participate in whatever small way we can, in this attempt.

But who or what is this earth that we are honoring, and celebrating, and expressing our love and concern about? I think many people are familiar with the Gaia theory, no? 'Gaia' was the name given to the earth by the ancient Greeks. They considered her a great and powerful goddess, one of the old gods – the Titans – who ruled the universe before the advent of the Olympian Overmind gods.

The Gaia theory, formulated as I remember it in the late 1950s or early 1960s, by a scientist named... Lovejoy?

(Audience): Lovelock.

Lovelock. J.P. Lovelock –

(Audience): James.

James Lovelock. That theory states, from a scientific point of view, that there's a lot of evidence to show that the planet Earth is a living, self-regulating organism. So Sri Aurobindo takes it a step further; he once wrote to Dilip Kumar Roy:

“The earth is a conscious being and the globe is the form in which it manifests.”

But other things that he has written show that he considered our mother planet not just as a living organism, not just a conscious being, not even only a powerful nurturing goddess or cosmic power – but as a special formation of the goddess. Of the universal Mother: the supreme creative Conscious-Force.

There are a few lines in Savitri I could read; he says:

The great World-Mother by her sacrifice
Has made her soul the body of our state;
Accepting sorrow and unconsciousness
Divinity’s lapse from its own splendours wove
The many-patterned ground of all we are.[10]

It's just a few lines in a longer passage where he describes the involution process: the levels of existence and how now we are going step by step up these same planes that marked the downward plunge into unconscious Matter. He says “a holocaust of the Supreme”[11] Mother.

In Sri Aurobindo's vision, the material earth is a special concentration of creative energy; a form of the universal Mother. So I think it's some kind of instinctive feeling of that, that has made human beings – since the beginning of time so far as we know – think of this planet as 'Mother Earth', as our material mother. And that feeling is still alive today.

In Savitri, Sri Aurobindo gives us a poignant picture of the sufferings and the aspiration of our Mother Earth, and the assurance that that aspiration will be fulfilled.

To Sri Aurobindo, Matter contains latent within it the potentialities of all levels of existence. And all potential levels of existence and consciousness have been kaleidoscoped together into this dense stuff that seems to us so inert and unconscious. And he asks, 'if it weren't so, how could Life and Mind have evolved out of inanimate Matter, unless they were involved in it to start with?' And that is the picture he gives us. He says:

If earth were all and this were not in her,
Only material forms could then be her guests[12]

There would be no thought; there would be no life.

Our earth is a fragment and a residue;
Her power is packed with the stuff of greater worlds
And steeped in their colour-lustres dimmed by her drowse[13]

All those wonderful colors of the higher planes are in earth; and they've become dim because she's in a sleep of unconsciousness.

An atavism of higher births is hers[14]

She has this heredity; it's coded in, it's part of the genetic code of earth.

Her sleep is stirred by their buried memories
Recalling the lost spheres from which they fell.[15]

Our human role

So he tells us that's why there's so much pain and suffering on earth: because these other powers are trying to emerge, and finding it very difficult (!), and clashing amongst themselves.

A residue her sole inheritance,
All things she carries in her shapeless dust.[16]
She has accepted as her nature’s need
And given to man as his stupendous work
A labour to the gods impossible.[17]

...Because the gods are typal beings. It is only here on earth that we have this evolution and progress.

A life living hardly in a field of death
Its portion claims of immortality;
A brute half-conscious body serves as means
A mind that must recover a knowledge lost
Held in stone grip by the world’s inconscience,
And wearing still these countless knots of Law
A spirit bound stand up as Nature’s king.[18]

We are not only Mind. Our mind is suffering to be held, to be limited by all the laws of physics; life is held in this stone grip. But within is the power of the spirit, and all the potentialities of the spirit.

And in fact it's those dreams – the earth's dreams of those lost higher worlds – that drive evolution. And we ourselves are those “frail blunt instruments”. She has only – he says – “frail blunt instruments for use”[19]. It's us who must “touch the mighty Mother stark awake”[20], and free the earth to accomplish to the full her glorious destiny. That is the human role that Sri Aurobindo has given to us.

In The Life Divine, he speaks about all these immense ranges of powers, influences, phenomena; they are secretly descending on us from the Overmind and the higher mental and vital ranges. But, he says:

“only a part, a selection, as it were, or restricted number can stage and realise themselves in the order of the physical world; the rest await their time and proper circumstance for revelation in physical term and form, for their part in the terrestrial evolution which is at the same time an evolution of all the powers of the spirit.”[21]
“In this order of things our human consciousness is the instrument, the intermediary; it is the point in the development of light and power out of the Inconscience at which liberation becomes possible: a greater role than this we cannot attribute to it, but this is great enough, for it makes our humanity all-important for the supreme purpose of evolutionary Nature.”[22]

In Savitri, we find these encouraging words:

This transient earthly being if he wills
Can fit his acts to a transcendent scheme.[23]
A magic leverage suddenly is caught
That moves the veiled Ineffable’s timeless will:
A prayer, a master act, a king idea
Can link man’s strength to a transcendent Force.
Then miracle is made the common rule[24]

So here in Auroville, and through our contact with Mother and Sri Aurobindo, we've been offered a unique opportunity to link our own limited human strength to a transcendent Force, and to fit our acts to a transcendent scheme. In fact I am convinced that that is the challenge and the mission of Auroville. And if enough human beings take full advantage of this opportunity, surely the effects will be experienced all over the world, in unexpected ways.

So, please, share your views.

Questions and comments

(Can we give chairs to those people? There are some people sitting behind – you can give them chairs.)

So that we can record your comments, Joel would bring around the microphone, if anybody has anything to share, or to ask, in relation to these hints that I've given. I hope for a lively exchange. We still have another half an hour.

Averting catastrophe


According to my knowledge, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother saw the possibility of catastrophe, and they were anxious to avoid that. It looks like in the past evolution – if we accept the view that science is giving us of the past evolution – a kind of pralaya has been needed, time and time again. Mother said that her teacher, Théon, told her that this time it should not be necessary. Because the new principle that should rule, that should take us forward into the new creation, is a principle of harmony. And that is how Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have described the supermind – that it's the power that can harmonize all contradictions.

But nevertheless Mother did feel the pressure of the possibility that, for example, a nuclear disaster, another world war – could set the work back. Already in their lifetime Mother and Sri Aurobindo had to face so many setbacks: First World War, Second World War, Korean War... Maybe we even feel, perhaps, Sri Aurobindo took the decision to leave his body because of these setbacks. That he wanted to work on that kind of opposition from another level.

But, so she specifically created Auroville – she has mentioned it in a talk of [21 September] 196[6] – that she created Auroville as a place where all these conflicting forces, if they could come together in some kind of goodwill and cooperation, that that would avert the possibility of another world war.

And later it seemed that she felt that that had been successful; and in the course of her own sadhana, certain obstacles had been overcome that meant that it would not be necessary to go through something like that again.

But she's also said – I think in 1970 or '71 – that 'if I have to leave the body now, then the earth will have to go through a very difficult time'.

So it seems that she was given the adesh that whatever has been done with that body – could be done with that body – has been done. And that now it is time.

So here we are; we are going through this very very difficult time.

If we think about this linking with the “transcendent scheme” – as long as Sri Aurobindo and the Mother were in the body, they were doing that for us. Now we have to do it with them. We have to link ourselves with them –their station in the subtle physical world – and I think this is a very important part of our world. To offer to them.

After Sri Aurobindo left, Mother said 'he was always doing that work', and now 'I have to offer to him; I have to keep him informed about what's going on in the material world'. He's there, very close to us in the subtle physical; but still he doesn't see the details, as we do who are here.

So that is one way that we can participate in this work. I think there are other possibilities open to us also, to participate in some kind of willed healing work. We saw a very interesting film a couple of weeks ago (Marie-Claire has shown us) about the work of her teacher, who is working with healing through integral acceptance. And there's Dr. Emoto with his work with water. So these things have to make their way into our consciousness: become part of our living, everyday approach to life.

There's a nice piece by Bhaga in today's News, where she says 'we're always being confronted with things that we see they aren't as they should be; but let us rather concentrate on the way things should be and their possibilities of becoming that, instead of reinforcing negativity of all kinds'. (That's not exactly her words!)

How will Mother come back?

(GangaLakshmi): When Mother said in the Agenda in [11 March] 1962, 'I come back, finish my Agenda after 50 years' – 2012. What is for you 'Mother come back': maybe in the body, or emanation, or vibhuti, or...?

How can I know, Gangalakshmi! How can I know? But if she said she will come back, definitely she will come. And then I think the Agenda will have its true usefulness. I think this is the true usefulness. In the future there are going to be people who take up this work. And as Savitri is a light for us, Agenda will be a light for those people will really have to work –

...but together...

Together, yes.

But I tell you something. For example, when Mother in 1970, 14 March 1970 – she do this work in the body. Mother is there. But Mother is working on the sense of the body of some who are receptive, who are – you work in your body, your mind and your vital – an inner work.

Without wanting to be arrogant, we can recognize that Mother is everywhere! There's no limit to her working. She can work in the cells of our body, and in the material world. But we shouldn't fool ourselves, you know. We should be very, very sincere and scrupulous; not imagine things, not get carried away by our fantasies. We have seen some very tragic examples over the last 40 years, of people here, no? So she also wanted us to have our feet firmly on the ground, and do the basic work.

The supramental force is at work. But in order for us really – somebody was asking me today; I said 'I think it's everywhere, but we are not tuned into it'. It's a question of tuning in. And we can't do that with our minds. And we can't do that with our instinctive vital. It is only the very purest part in us that can lead that effort.

That's why she told us: the first necessity is to find out who you really are behind all the appearances. I think this is really the first step.

But she said the whole world is preparing, and meanwhile we have to do the best we can, and keep our antennas alert to receive whatever guidance can come.

I think Patricia had something, then Don.

Change starts with oneself

(Patricia): Shraddhavan, this is a question about our inner work, which you've already referred to. Here in Auroville on a daily basis (since this is Earth Week), one can see tremendous squandering of aquifer water. And one makes a judgment. The first thing seems to be: not to make the judgment. (It's about the inner work, Shraddhavan, is what the question is.) Is – somehow my first instinct should be to love the Earth, and to love the Mother – it's really to get guidance, so that one doesn't go crazy with seeing things that are disastrous.

So, Kittu Reddy told us a lovely story the other day, about one of Mother's messengers who was sent to Delhi on some work. And he came back; he was so distressed about corruption. (And of course now it's even worse than it was then.) But at that time he was just really distressed about all-pervasive corruption in higher levels in India. And he was a bit surprised when Mother didn't immediately agree with him or give him some guidance what to do. She said, 'But you know, corruption is everywhere. I feel so much corruption in my own body'. And her way – her way – was to take the principle of those things that she saw have to be changed: to find it in herself and change from there. And that's also what she's told us: 'Don't go around looking at other people'.

If we are very concerned about water, we have to regulate our own water usage first. But the great thing about Auroville is it is supposed to be a society that's dedicated to these things; so it means we're not condemned just to individual effort. It can become a collective effort, by enough people doing it. And then it's possible that it will have an unexpected impact, far beyond just the 50 people who are really making an effort.

One of the things I've really appreciated in the last 12 months is the “Talking Trash” movement. And it's made me really much, much more conscious about disposing of my own household waste. Of course we have a community there in Grace, and we have a collective waste thing, and there was some problem about that recently. And I thought, 'The only solution is to do a door-to-door collection, and an educational effort. I have to take a couple of ammas and a wheelbarrow and go around...' Then I realized this is beyond my scope. 'I can't handle that. I hope perhaps some younger people can do it, or...' But what I can do is be careful about what happens in my house, and what happens to the waste that I generate.

And I noticed that there are many more possibilities; that I can take tetra-paks and plastic bags and batteries – there are facilities being arranged for that. So I see this is a very positive movement and I hope it will take place – that it will come up – for other areas also. But the principle is: start with yourself.


(Don): I want to go completely away from what we're talking about; because one of the unfortunate disasters that have hit the earth are asteroids. These have nothing to do with us. And yet supposedly one is coming closer to us – but it's not dangerous – but you know, one will come, as they have come in the past (and wow!). Is there any mention, in the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, about that?

Well she's mentioned that comets are sometimes bringing very, very positive, transforming materials to us! But again what you are saying reminds me of an experience Helmut and I had some years back. We went on a trip with Ursula beyond Tiruvannamalai – there's a range of hills there – we were driving through the forest, and we came upon the Indian Astrophysical Institute. They have an observatory there, out in the middle of nowhere. And we were actually able to meet the director there. I think he was a bit lonely! And he was very ready to talk to us. And he was very, very thrilled about the experience that they've recently been having: that the Astrophysics Institute was able to participate in the Hubble observation of those comets or asteroids (or whatever they were) impacting on Jupiter. It just happened the previous year. And he said that has had an amazing effect in the scientific community: that they suddenly realized that if something like that is coming to Earth, then there's no more question of nations or races or religions or anything. It's our Earth!

And there was an immediate movement in the scientific community for a concerted effort for an action plan, for what they will do if something is detected, coming. So this is what is needed: these concerted efforts. Sri Aurobindo said it in his 1947 Independence Day speech, that – Why did he want human unity? Why did he want World Union? 'Because it needs the whole human race to work together, to create the conditions for this change that is needed.'

And I was so disappointed in 2001 ('nine-eleven'). I thought, 'That disaster was one disaster that united all the nations in a concerted effort against terrorism. But one stupid man decided to turn this into an opportunity for greater division. So an opportunity for oneness was lost.

So this is the state of the earth-consciousness. At the moment it's very mixed. There are maybe many positive trends – which don't get reported so much in the newspapers; the newspapers like to concentrate on the negative trends – but, well perhaps they're in some kind of balance at the moment. From Japan we've heard the most amazing stories of solidarity, and endurance, and maturity, of facing this terrible disaster. But when? When are the governments going to realize that these kind of technologies are simply too dangerous?

(...they say that the ones that remain now are really safe!)

So we don't know. We don't know. Some very, very positive change is in process. In the long term, I feel very, very optimistic. But in the short term, we don't know what kind of difficult conditions we are going to have to face. Maybe our endurance and courage and faith is really going to be put to the test over the next 30, 40, 50 years. We don't know.

“A life of rich simplicity for all”

(Manohar): I think one of the privileges that we have here in Auroville is to try to live in a more simple way. Because all of these disasters that happen, happen because of the consumerist way of life. Petrol in the Gulf of Mexico, and nuclear plants, and so on (don't forget we have a nuclear plant just a few kilometers from here). So here we have the opportunity to live in a more simple way. That is: using cycles, walking (so, much less petrol), and also solar power – all those things. We should try – I mean one of my efforts, is to try – to get rid of this consumerism, and to get rid of this (how to say?) fake comfort. That is, not real comfort. And this little sacrifice is healing to the earth, because we don't pull any energy out of the earth, and we don't put it in danger (as has already happened). All these disasters show to us what we are doing to the earth. (Not to talk about all the animals we kill – I mean, many, many ways.) These disasters are really terrible; there's been thousands of people killed, and, how to say, the consequences of this disaster in Japan is already everywhere: in the atmosphere, in the sea, in the fish –

Well that's what I mean; this mess is so big! And so high, and deep, and tall! So how can it ever be cleared up – somehow by our human means we can't do it. As you say, we can minimize it. But I think we have to be a little bit careful with that also. Because too often, when we want to be in harmony with nature, we tend to want to go back to some kind of primitivism, no? So here we should also remember that we've come out of the infrarational. Now we're in this difficult stage of rationality-in-the-Ignorance; we don't know the causes of things, we don't know the consequences of things. We see things all split up and we can't really see things whole.

Really what we are asked to do is to move towards the super-rational. To a larger view of things. And then we will know. Sri Aurobindo's ideal was, he said, 'a life of rich simplicity for all'. He wanted - I think he would be happy about many developments that are happening in the world. That are raising people out of abject poverty; that are spreading education; that are spreading participation and decision-making, and empowering people. But this is all still on this horizontal level. And we do have to do our best on this level, each of us in whatever way we can. But really we should try to keep reminding ourselves and each other that the real solution will only come with another – with the entry of another – power of consciousness.

And Auroville has been created as the vessel for that. Matrimandir has been created, we can say, as the magnet or the focus of that. So it means 'every day Earth Day', 'every minute Earth Minute'. We have to be more and more conscious, more and more tuned in to that higher truth, in our whole lives. And that's Yoga, isn't it?


(Joël): Me, I would like to share something. Speaking about mess, massive consumption, pollution – I regard there is one major phenomenon which has created that mess. Which is the exponential growth of population. But, is it just a horrible cause? Or is there a meaning behind? And I've asked that question to one more teacher in Savitri Bhavan. And I said, 'Why suddenly, in 100 years or 150 years, we are so many human beings?' Meaning, beings with a spark of the Divine in themselves. Coming and taking birth on earth. And he said, 'Because there is an opportunity to grow, and to make progress'. So all this mess created by this overpopulation, is actually, can be seen maybe another way: 'ok, everybody just wants to take the good opportunity to make a progress'. So it might be seen also as a good sign that something is going on, for the better. Just want to share.

Yes. Definitely there's that aspect to it. And once or twice in the Savitri class I've shared an experience I had many years ago in London. Mother had sent me back from here to deal with some problems. And I was feeling very much enveloped in her grace and her presence. And I had some wonderful experiences, for example in the Tube in London. All these people crammed together! But if you feel that every soul is contacting every other soul, and enjoying, then this unpleasant, smelly, crowded situation can be a great delight (!) for the inner being. We don't know what the Lord wants. So only when we've really united with that consciousness we'll be able to see things properly.

Thank you, Joël.

Maybe we can stop there unless anybody has something burning to say?


(__): In the last chapter of Savitri, she explains that as a human figure – that she has taken birth in – she is happy. We are human! So we have every chance of going to her level. … She was born for one purpose: to make man a model. She was not afraid of Death. She has to win, or Doom – those are the only two options. She was very clear about it. … So I just wonder, to what extent we are trying to follow what they are showing us. The way. It's so simple...

Well each of us has to ask themselves, no? I know that I feel all the time, how imperfectly I'm following the Light that has been shared. How very, very imperfectly I manage that. But each of us has to do what we can.

Thank you from the Earth Week team

(__): On behalf of the Earth Week team I would like to thank you very much for giving us this platform, and all of you to come and discuss these issues, because I think they are very relevant. There is a lot of points of Sri Aurobindo's Yoga that people still, perhaps, not understand what they mean, because it is very complex. But in days like this it's a good opportunity to dip in, and try to get inspired by it. Because Auroville represents truly a potentiality to express all this. And I think the main purpose of Auroville is human unity. If we could achieve as a race, consciously – to unite consciously as a race – then I think something can really, dramatically change. But as far as we see each other as different beings, then it's going to be tough. So I think Auroville has a tremendous responsibility to continue working towards that human unity. Thank you very much.

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