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Timings and Location(s)

Located in the Aurelec building, Prayogshala

Contact persons: Chandrah, Meera & Ribhu

Tel. 2622979


General Information and Background

Soma Waste Management was formed in October 2008, by a small group of individuals interested in tackling solid waste management in the Auroville bio-region. They are a self-supported project, and function as consultants and public awareness organizers for Eco Service and follow issues and solutions for waste collection, waste separation and appropriate waste disposal in the bioregion and beyond. A recent campaign was organized by SOMA under the auspices of Litter Free Auroville (LFA), which culminated in an all-day litter awareness event on January 29th 2010. LFA (contact at The LFA campaign was initiated by Soma Waste Management and was implemented by a group of Aurovilians. They also have an active group site on Facebook.

Members and Affiliations

Soma Waste Management is affiliated with Eco Service. They are also the umbrella project for Litter Free Auroville (LFA) which organizes public awareness for community action within Auroville, and AV Clean which has been organizing Sunday litter pick-up campaigns through local schools since 2000.

Aims and Objectives

The last and most crucial phase of the LFA campaign is to create a platform to support long-term change in the waste management practices in Auroville and translate ideas into action. These ideas were gathered through several brainstorming sessions as well as from the idea tree on the LFA day, the very successful community-wide January 29th 2010 participatory public awareness event. A large number of people have attended follow-up meetings to look at some of these ideas and see which individuals or groups would be interested and willing to take these ideas forward and translate them into action (list available from them). To find out more about the various project headings and their activities contact

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