Solid Waste Management Task Force

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The Solid Waste Management Task Force, which supports Auroville's Eco-Service, is comprised of a diverse group of people concerned about solid waste issues cutting across a variety of sectors, including education, livelihood projects, and organic waste composting. The group meets once a month to discuss ongoing projects and update the community about waste issues.

Members (out of date)

Members of the SWMTF are: Francis, Doris, Chandrah, Lucas, Niranjan, Mari, Auralice (notes), Priya Sundaravalli, Sourya, Bindu, Nicole Alexander, Ribhu, Satyavan, B.

AV Cleanup (not the same as "AV Clean"!) is an affiliated group of approximately 6 individuals who have been cleaning up litter along AV roads since 1998. They work almost every Sunday afternoon (except during the rainy season) from 4-5 pm. Given the increased amount of litter recently, and responding to an expressed need from the community.


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