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Title Language Author Date (most recent edition)
L' Aventure des Neuf / The Adventure of the Nine (LibraryThing) Bilingual: French and English Namah C. Nugier, Jyoti Khare 2009
The Aim of Life (LT) English* Kireet Joshi (Ed.) 2005
जीवन का लक्ष्य (LT) Hindi* Kireet Joshi (Ed.) 1989
அன்னையின் அருளாசிகள் (LT) Tamil பிரேமா நந்தகுமார், ச். மகாலிங்கம், வரதராஜன், மீனாட்சி, சுபாஷ், சியாமளா 2005
Auroville Aikikai: Practitioners' Guide (LT) English 2010
Auroville Research Papers English Arya Maloney, Alain Bernard 1985
Awareness Through the Body: A way to enhance concentration, relaxation and self-knowledge in children and adults (LT) English Aloka Marti and Joan Sala 2006
Blessed are those... (LT) English Remembering the Mother Programme Team 2015
Building with Blocks at the Auroville Kindergarten (LT) English Odile Fouladoux 2013
The Bullock Cart Wheel (LT) Bilingual: Tamil and English Ilaignarkal Education Centre 2005
Catherine the Great (LT) English Kireet Joshi (Ed.) 2004
A Child and A Tree (LT) English Forrest Corkery and Marti Mueller 1989
Completing Camelot: An Explanation of the Soul of Britain (LT) English Anne H. Goldsmith 2009
The Crow Who Wanted to Sing (LT) English Jyoti Khare 2014
The Crucifixion (LT) English Kireet Joshi (Ed.) 2006
Darshan: Remembering Sweet Mother and Sri Aurobindo (LT) English various 2006
Edible Weeds and Naturally Growing Plants in Auroville: Coloring Book Series for Adult & Young (Botanical Drawings) 1 (LT) English Nina Sengupta 2015
Elephant and Dragonfly (LT) English Marti Mueller and Forrest Corkery 1991
The English of Savitri: Book One (LT) English Shraddhavan 2015
The English of Savitri: Book Three (LT) English Shraddhavan 2016
From Ajantha to Nandalal Bose (LT) English Kireet Joshi (Ed.) 2007
From the Treasure Garden (LT) English Bina Ramesh Naik 2003
Glimpses of Wonder: Children in Auroville Creating Worlds on Sand (LT) English Aikya 2015
Gods and the World (LT) English Kireet Joshi (Ed.) 2006
The Good Teacher and the Good Pupil (LT) English* Kireet Joshi (Ed.) 2005
अच्छा शिक्षक और अच्छे छात्र (LT) Hindi* Kireet Joshi (Ed.) 2002
The Gunas: The three modes of Nature (LT) English Yvelise, Emanuele, Manoj 2007
Health Trek - Papui and Elay (LT) English Yvelise and Emanuele 2013
Introduction to Integral Education: An Inspirational Guide (LT) English Shraddhalu Ranade 2006
Invocation: Savitri Bhavan study notes English Shraddhavan (Ed.) 2015
Joan of Arc (LT) English Kireet Joshi (Ed.) 2005
Journey through an ecstatic world... / Voyage à travers un monde extatique... (LT) Bilingual: English and French Alizee and Aurevan 2004
Kolam - The Traditional Floor Drawing (LT) Bilingual: Tamil and English Ilaignarkal Education Centre 2005
Lenin and the Russian Revolution (LT) English Kireet Joshi (Ed.) 2013
Les Quatre Austérités et les Quatre Libérations (LT) French* The Mother
தவங்கள் நான்கு முக்திகள் நான்கு (LT) Tamil* The Mother
Four Austerities and Four Liberations (LT) English* The Mother
Life Education Centre - Where different paths meet: A research publication of the core-quality empowerment project (LT) English Zerina 2005
Little By Little: The evolution of schooling in Auroville, 1966-1980, Part 1 (LT) English Heidi Watts 2005
Looking at children's paintings in a new light (LT) English* Claire Le Touzé 2009
The Magic Child: or How It All Started (LT) English 1985
மரங்கொத்தி (LT) Tamil செந்தில் 1999
Marie Sklodowska Curie (LT) English Lala 2010
Matrimandir and the Park of Unity (LT) English Ireno Guerci 2015
மேளம் வேண்டும் டும் டும் டும் (LT) Tamil செந்தில், பாபி 1999
Moments of Magic: Wholesome to Goodness Food, Cooking and Enjoying for a Fun-Filled Discovery of a New You (LT) English Bina Ramesh Naik 2002
மொழி வளம் பெற: Translation of Literary creations of poetry - Tamil, English and Bengali (LT) Bilingual: Tamil and English Ilaignarkal Education Centre 2006
The Mother: எல்லாம் அவளே! எல்லாம் நீயே! (LT) Tamil Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust 2003
Nachiketas (LT) English Kireet Joshi (Ed.) 2008
Napoleon: Poet on a Throne (LT) English Alain Bernard 2012
நற்பண்புகள் (LT) Tamil The Mother 2006
The New Being and the New Society: A Compilation of the Mother's Words and Archival Material During the Formative Years of Auroville (LT) English Paulette Hadnagy 2012
Nurturing the Psychic Being (LT) English Aster Patel
On Education (brochure) (LT) English The Mother 2010
Palmyra Tree and the Native People (LT) Bilingual: Tamil and English Ilaignarkal Education Centre 2005
Passage: An Educational Journey (LT) English Deepti, Jean-Yves, Lola, Michel, Veronique and Victor 2010
The Path of Later On (LT) English The Mother / Ruchi Mhasane 2015
புனிதச் சமையமல் - பாகம் I: தென்னிந்திய மரபு சைவ உணவு; பாகம் II: மூலிகைச் சமையல் முறை (Sacred Cooking - Part I: South Indian Traditional Cooking, Vegetarian Recipes; Part II: Herbal Cooking) (LT) Tamil Ilaignarkal Education Centre 2009
SAIIER Research Letter English 1990
Ritam English Sanjeev Aggarwal (Ed.) 2013
A Sample of Poems from the Tamil Classics: தமிழ் இலக்கியப் பாடல்கள் சில (LT) Bilingual: English and Tamil Tamil Heritage Centre 2006
Savitri, the Mother: Essays on Sri Aurobindo's Savitri, The Book of Yoga (LT) English M. V. Seetaraman 2007
The Science of Living (LT) Multilingual: English, French, Sanskrit and Tamil The Mother 1994
Self-Determination (pamphlet) (LT) English Sri Aurobindo 2003
Shikra English* Dietra, Tim, Emanuele
The Siege of Troy (LT) English Kireet Joshi (Ed.) 2004
Snakes of Auroville and Pondicherry (LT) English Rajeev Bhatt 2016
Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Educational Research - Research Programmes (LT) English Centre for Research in Communication and Publications 1985
Sri Krishna in Brindavan (LT) English Kireet Joshi (Ed.) 2007
Sri Rama: The Beloved and Victorious Hero (LT) English Jyoti Madhok 2009
Sustainable Palate: From Local Farms to Auroville Plate (LT) English Life Education Centre 2016
Taittiriya Upanishad (LT) English Kireet Joshi (Ed.) 2009
Taking Care of Preschool Children: The Mother's Vision and the Auroville Experience (LT) English SAIIER 2016
தமிழில் கடித இலக்கியம்: Letter writing in Tamil (LT) Tamil Ilaignarkal Education Centre 2006
Tell me, my friend, What is this Auroville? (LT) English Christine Devin and Jyoti Khare 2012
Towards Tomorrow: Auroville and Africa, A Journey Towards the Future (LT) English Tekeste Berhan G. Kidan 2011
Transition School (LT) English Nathalie Nuber 2010
True Animal Stories / விலங்குகளின் உண்மைக் கதைகள் (LT) Bilingual: English and Tamil Merry / Charudatta
Udavi School (LT) English 2013
Un nouveau regard sur les peintures d'enfants (LT) French* Claire Le Touzé 2009
The Voyage of the Caterpillar (LT) English Jyoti Khare 2016
What is special about the Kindergarten in Auroville? (LT) English Heidi Watts 2016

* asterisk indicates the book is available in another language