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SAIIER 2018-19
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Aurohamsadhwani Art Centre

Aurohamsadhwani Art Centre started initially with two people learning veena, and slowly developed other music activities with Aurovilian students and village students. For ten years now this centre has been running with a team of five members from Auroville. Professional teachers teach our students in five different music classes.

We believe that music and dance can envelop and go beyond the barriers of any religion or cultural differences and embrace all differences within. As Auroville is created for “Human Unity”, this project, we feel, is very relevant to the ideals of Auroville and its education.

Classical music can bring about an impact on the growing generation and the adults who learn it. Music and dance have been used since ages in India as a medium of worship and to enhance the beauty within one’s self to reach the Divine.

This needs a lot of concentration, commitment and self-discipline to achieve this goal.

Activities of the year:

Our students are from Auroville and the surrounding villages, ages 4 to 56 years, boys, girls and women. This year we had a total of 47 students:

  • Veena class: 14 children, 7 adults
  • Bharatanatyam class: 20 children
  • Keyboard class: 5 children, 1 adult

Our veena students participated in veena programmes conducted by the Department of Art and Culture of Puducherry Government. They also participated in many temple festivals in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, mainly Saraswathi Temple.

The Bharathanatyam students gave a performance in Bahrat Nivas auditorium organized by Aurosangamam. Five Bharathnatyam dance students are ready to do Salangai Pooja and five students are preparing Arangetram. Three keyboard students are ready to teach keyboard class.


This type of programme offers the opportunity to Auroville and village students who are not able to join such classes in the city.

Doing a single music class is always very expensive, but when we do it in groups the cost is less and is shared by many students.

Already a few students are able to teach new students. The keyboard class is conducted by our senior student.

Learning music together and understanding each other, helping each other brings unity among ourselves.