SAIIER 2013:Science Fair

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Auroville Best Practices
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Savitri Bhavan
Science Fair

Overview and purpose

  • To make children feel that science is all around us and we can gain knowledge as well as solve many problems also by relating the learning process to the physical and social environment.
  • To provide a forum for children to pursue their natural curiosity and inventiveness to quench their thirst for creativity.
  • To apply mathematics to visualize and solve problems pertaining to everyday life.
  • To develop a complete education system in the spirit and ideals (“nothing can be taught”, “from near to far”, “from known to unknown”) of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo.
  • To work in collaboration with classroom teachers to fulfill the needs of students in Auroville schools and to an extent the students from outreach schools in Auroville and neighboring villages.


The objective was to conduct an exhibition with the help of students and science teachers and inviting other school children to participate. The exhibit encompassed three main topics that integrate display/learning modules, plus a Students' Museum.

  1. Chemistry in everyday life: Through live display with posters to explore acid in fruits and kitchen chemistry.
  2. How stuff works: Provide different models, such as magic with magnets, cell phone charger, solar fan, energy cycle, mini rocket, etc.
  3. Applied mathematics

The Students' Museum displays materials collected by the students during the field trips, as well as students' creative works.

Partners in the project


School participation
School Students Teachers
Arulvazhi Education Centre 40 5
Future School 6 1
Panchayat Union Middle School, Edyanchavady 25 4
New Era Secondary School, Auroville 48 9
Navodaya Vidyalaya, Kalapet 18 5
Aikiyam School 15 3
Pudhu Ulagam Evening School 42 3
Tamil Ulagam Evening Schools 145 8
Udavi Gentillesse School 170 10
Eco Club, Indira Nagar 35 3
Transition School 7 -
White Angels School, Pondicherry 173 7
Govt. High School, Alankuppam 351 11
Sri Vijayangali Vidyalaya School, Alankuppam 545 14
Pavendar English High School, Alankuppam 275 13
Govt. School, Moratandy 45 2
Teacher trainees, Vanur block - 8
Paul's teacher training school 15 -
Manaveli Govt. Primary School 41 5
Alumni of Auroville schools 25 -
Bharathidasan English School, Pondicherry 82 5
Public/Parents - 450
Total 2103 566

Science Exhibition Project Plan
Month Action Item Explanation
August 2012 Project planning

- Purpose of exhibition, including target students, teachers and public
- Listing out the possible exhibits
- Identify project resources (e.g. personnel, hours, material needs)
- Coordination of exhibition work
- Communication/documentation
- Follow-up activities after completion of the exhibition

September Discussion with students and teachers Discussing the possible number of exhibits related to the topics and list out the same. Prepare a procedure key aid for those exhibits.
October - November Collection of materials As per the exhibit list, collecting the required materials. (carried out by students, teachers and ASSET Centre team)
December Design and develop exhibits

- Using the materials and key aid, design and develop the exhibits (ASSET Centre team, students and teachers were involved in doing this work)
- Preparation of text materials related to the exhibits (for the background display, done by ASSET Centre team)

January 2013 Pilot testing Pilot testing of exhibits done by the ASSET Centre team with the help of students and teachers involved.
February 2013 - Display in the exhibition place
- Evaluation & documentation

- After successful completion of this testing final display at the exhibition hall (New Era Secondary School, Auroville)
- Feedback from educationists, teachers, students and public
- Internal evaluation by ASSET Centre Members

April end Reporting Preparation of project report by the coordinator of this project (K. Anbu)


We got feedback from educationists, teachers, students and guests who visited the exhibition and we kept their comments as our asset for the next exhibition. We invited educationists from Auroville and outside to receive their valuable comments. This year three educationists from Auroville and two from Navodaya Vidyalaya School had come and gave the participation certificate to the students.