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“Nirodbaran: Then there is some standard?

Sri Aurobindo: What standard? Some say Sophocles is greater than Shakespeare. Others favour Euripides. Still others say Euripides is nowhere near Sophocles. How can one decide whether Dante is greater or Shakespeare?

Purani: It is better to ask what the criterion of great poetry is.
Nirodbaran: All right. What is the criterion?

Is there any criterion?

Then how to judge?

One feels.”[1]

Poetry and proseYearAuthor
WAV 005:July Poem2019Anandi
Ritam "The Fortress and the Temple"2013R. Meenakshi
News & Notes 777:Aurocoin – the Virtual Currency of Auroville2018Chandresh
News & Notes 762:The Life’s Elixir2018Boris
News & Notes 761:You're the Plan!2018Jesse
News & Notes 758:The Joy of Starwatching2018Boris
News & Notes 758:After The Rain2018Anandi
News & Notes 753:Dawns2018Anandi
News & Notes 750:At dawn2018Anandi
News & Notes 747:Who believes in Blue Skies2018Anandi
News & Notes 746:StoryYoga for Children - Narrated Stories for the Child Soul2018Noel Parent
News & Notes 743:The Meetings in Two Banyans2018Boris
News & Notes 740:Two Bouquets for the Mother2018Boris
News & Notes 737:At dawn2018Anandi
News & Notes 735:The Auroville’s Earth2018Boris
News & Notes 734:Flowers2018Vivek
News & Notes 733:The Privilege2018Anandi
News & Notes 731:The City of Friends2018Boris
News & Notes 728:Hymn To Auroville2017Joy (Aurovilian)
News & Notes 726: Nature’s Wisdom2017Boris
News & Notes 723:A “Concrete Human Unity” for our 50th Birthday2017Bhaga
News & Notes 722:The Artistic Ecocompositions2017Boris
News & Notes 718:The Winged Horses2017Boris
News & Notes 713:The Mexican Bug2017Boris
News & Notes 709:The Talking Spiders2017Boris
News & Notes 707:Lluvia - Rain2017Anandi
News & Notes 705:The Tree Rose2017Boris
News & Notes 701:The Boy with the Book2017Boris
News & Notes 699:Roots2017Boris
News & Notes 699:Rain, Rain, Rain…2017Aikya
News & Notes 697:Gaspard Balloon 22017Celestine
News & Notes 695:Homage to Njal2017Njal
News & Notes 694:The Maya’s Hyena2017Boris
News & Notes 690:The Salty Tea2017Boris
News & Notes 690:A spoon of honey from the ocean of spirituality!2017Mathan
News & Notes 689:I am an Active, Living Dynamo2017Celestine
News & Notes 686:The Hirudotherapy2017Boris
News & Notes 685:Maasimaham2017Somasudaram
News & Notes 684:Le paradoxe2017André Tardeil
News & Notes 682:The Best Feeling on the First Day!!2017Mathan
News & Notes 682:Future Art2017Celestine
News & Notes 681:A Utopia in Peterburg2017Boris
News & Notes 680:My own Auroville2016Jean-Luc
News & Notes 679:Why Galaxy in the Milky Way2016Celestine
News & Notes 677:Your Presence2016Anandi
News & Notes 676:The Plants and Fishes2016Boris
News & Notes 675:Monsoon Verse2016Merry
News & Notes 675:Hallo the Consumer Society2016Celestine
News & Notes 672:An Emergency – “Ecce Homo!” (Latin) – Here is the Man!2016Boris
News & Notes 671:Monsoon Hope2016Merry

  1. Talks with Sri Aurobindo, p.367, 18 January 1940

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