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by Loretta, 2018 (51:26)

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Good morning, everyone! I'm so glad to see all of you here. Your teacher told me that you're all doing a project on Auroville, for this whole year, because it's Auroville's 50th birthday year. And she asked me to tell you about Mother and Sri Aurobindo's plans and reasons for founding Auroville. We will see how the plans went on changing, until finally, Mother invited people from all over the world to come to Auroville.

The best way to understand Mother and Sri Aurobindo's plans for Auroville is to know what they said about their plans, and why they made their plans. So we're going to trace the history together. It's very interesting.

“You are all born at a very important time”

Back in the 1920s, Mother and Sri Aurobindo talked about making a city. That's almost a hundred years ago: this is 2018. Mother and Sri Aurobindo talked about it over the years, often. And at first, they planned an ideal city, for special people who were ready to receive the new spiritual forces – and the new consciousness – that they were bringing. These special people would change and grow more quickly than the rest of the world. And the spiritual changes in these people would help the whole world to grow in a special way. Sri Aurobindo said this was the best way to keep peace among nations, and to avoid a general conflict between different countries.

Mother and Sri Aurobindo came here to work for a new step in human evolution. They brought us a new consciousness. Mother usually called it the ‘Divine consciousness’. The story of this is a wonderful story, all by itself. We don't have time for all of it today (it's quite a story). But I will tell you something about it.

You are all born at a very important time: when human beings are starting to evolve into a new and higher kind of being. Sri Aurobindo called this being a ‘supramental being’. He called it this, because the way our mind works, the new consciousness and force cannot be understood by our mind. The new consciousness has the totality of everything. It is the totality of everything. Our mind is made up to cut everything into small, manageable pieces. And it believes that each small piece that it's working on at the time, is everything that there is. Then, when another piece comes up, and it's involved with that, it believes that one is everything. So we can see, that this way of working means that our mind can only see a little of the truth of things at a time. Not the whole truth.

The human being has a developed mind. And the human being is the highest kind of being that has evolved on earth so far. In order to receive this new consciousness, then, man is going to have to evolve into a being that has the capacity to become conscious of the whole truth of everything, all at once. Therefore, Sri Aurobindo called this new being ‘supramental’, which means ‘beyond the mind’.

In order for man to do this, everything in man will have to change. We cannot change ourselves into a totally new being – we don't even know what that is (!). Mother explained that the new consciousness has the power to do this. Because it contains everything, and it will do the work to change man into this new kind of being. It will take a long time – but everything will go faster when people cooperate.

And when people can receive this new consciousness, they will become conscious of the truth of themselves, and the truth of their world. They will know that they are made of the great Love that creates our universe at every second. They will know that this is the Love that is the universe itself. It is us – but usually, we can't see it. When people have this new, divine consciousness, all the darkness and all the falsehood – that make people suffer, that bring pain – all this will no longer have any place. And it will all go out of the creation.

All spiritual seekers down through the ages have always wanted this consciousness, this all-containing consciousness. And because of the work of Mother and Sri Aurobindo, now it's going to be much easier for people all over the world to have it.

Auroville: a place for the supramental change

Our earth is a special planet. Mother has explained that our earth has been created by the universal forces, as a place of first experiment and change for the rest of the universe. The work is concentrated at one point: our planet, and us. The new step in evolution will begin here.

Mother and Sri Aurobindo planned their new city as the special place, on our special planet, for the work to be done first, and for this change to take place. It would come first in the special people who would be in the ideal city. Then it would come for the planet; and then for the whole universe. They saw that these special people could receive the new forces here, and could be the first humans to evolve faster. Here we have their first plan, and their first reason: to make a city which was limited to a few special people; and then the city would help the rest of the world. But the world did not have to know about it right away.

While Sri Aurobindo was still here, somebody gave Mother some land in Hyderabad. She was going to create her city there; but it didn't work out. So she did not try to make that city.

Then in 1960 – eight years before Auroville's inauguration – Mother started to plan another new city. But she didn't plan to put it where Auroville is today. It was going to be on the shores of Ousteri Lake, where the Ashram Lake Estate is. She was going to call it ‘New Horizon’. That didn't work out, because the people who were going to do the work left. So Mother stopped trying to make that city, too.

The plan of a city came to Mother again in 1965. And at that time, she told about two other cities that had come to her (that she also didn't make). The first city tried to come on earth when she was only a child. And the second city tried to come before she met Sri Aurobindo. Counting Auroville, this makes 5 cities that came for Mother to make in her lifetime here. Auroville is the one that she finally made.

We now live in a city that goes on being a very important place for the whole world. We will see why, when we follow the reasons that came to Mother. And we will see why, when we learn how her plans changed, and how her plans grew.

Starting in June of '65, we know that the plan for Auroville was complete in Mother's consciousness. And the whole world began to respond, just as though some of Mother's plan was already there in the universal world consciousness. And people were ready for the new city. The governments of some different countries were ready to participate. Money was offered, and people wrote to Mother and asked her if they could come and live in her new city of Auroville.

In the beginning, Mother planned the physical things that would be in Auroville. She planned harbors, airports, theaters, houses. She already had the vision of the four zones, and the international pavilions. And she already said that there should be no religion, and that people should not use money here. However, we will see that after awhile, Mother no longer planned the physical things that are going to be in the city. But before Auroville was inaugurated, the outer physical development of the city was a big part of her plans. And all along, there was always a plan of a city for special beings – special beings who would be able to receive the new consciousness.

Auroville: preventing war

One year later, in 1966, someone kept asking Mother to tell them what ‘truth’ is – to tell them how to know truth. Sri Aurobindo told Mother that the truth cannot be put into words, but it can be lived, if one is pure and plastic enough.[1]

Mother's Agenda
August 17, 1966

66-08-17 En.jpg
PDF (2 pages)

And these words came to Mother: “That is why there is an Auroville.”

“Auroville is the effort towards peace, in sincerity and Truth.”[2]

Then Mother said that the importance of Auroville was that it was a means to keep the nations of the world from going to war against each other. She said that if nations consent to understand that working together to build Auroville is a way to avoid war, Auroville will have the power to prevent war. Here we have the second reason for Auroville that came to Mother: Auroville would prevent war – if the nations of the world knew about Auroville, and agreed to its purpose.

We will see that the second reason did not take the place of the first reason. Now, Auroville had two reasons to exist; Mother had two reasons to create Auroville. At this time, Mother's plans changed into making a new city that the world would know about right away – not a city that the world didn't know about.

Auroville: preventing the destruction of the world

Then, a month later, Mother had the experience of the actual conditions of all the nations of the world. And she said the conditions were difficult and dangerous. She said the problem was that men of all nations, all countries, were acting more and more in a growing Falsehood. And they were using all their creative power to make terrible instruments of destruction. Mother said these men even knew how terrible the destructive instruments were. But all along, they made the excuse that because people knew how terrible it would be if they used these weapons on each other, no one would want to use them. And so with this excuse, each country continued to make greater and greater weapons of destruction, until man had the power to destroy the world.

Then, Mother explained an occult truth, which she said these men did not know. She said these forces of destruction are conscious, living forces. They use their own force to manifest their own instruments of destruction. And now that men are open to these forces, the forces themselves are pushing men to bring their instruments into our world for their own purposes. When men have created these instruments of destruction, these forces will push men to use their instruments to destroy each other. The men will think it's their own idea – because they don't know about these beings. And the men are not conscious enough to feel that they are being used.

Mother could see these dangers in the subtle planes. She saw the vast destruction of the world coming closer and closer. And she was really worried. She said that a call rose up in her, and an aspiration rose in her, to neutralize this error. Then she heard the answer come, clear, precise: “This is why you have created Auroville”. And now we have Mother's third reason to make Auroville. Not just to prevent a war, but also to prevent the destruction of the whole world.

Mother's Agenda
September 21, 1966

66-09-21 En.jpg
PDF (4 pages)

Mother said then that she had a clear vision that Auroville was a center of force and creation, with a seed of Truth. And if this seed of truth could blossom and develop, the very creation of Auroville – the movement of Auroville's growth into more and more Truth – would be a working reaction against the terrible catastrophe that she saw coming. This movement of Auroville's growth in the world would stop the men of all nations from destroying each other and their world.

With this third reason for creating Auroville, Mother began to talk about the third plan. Now she said that every country would take part in building Auroville. Not just that every country would know about Auroville, and agree to its purpose, like the second plan. Or that Auroville was only for a few special people to receive the new consciousness, unknown to the rest of the world, like the first plan. But that all three of Mother's plans would be realized here. Mother said, if this creation was awakened in every country, little by little, it will have the power to react against the mistake they have made.

She said this would not happen because Auroville was ‘finished’ – because it was completely built. Auroville should begin right away, and then it should go on happening, over, over, all the time – building and building, as all countries worked together to build something based on Truth.

She said this would create real human unity, because the men of all nations would unite by working together, living together, being together, building Auroville together. And slowly and surely, Auroville would divert a little of the force of destruction into becoming a force of Truth. Mother said we don't need a lot: it is the quality that counts.

What is ‘Truth’?

But what could Mother mean, when she said we would build an Auroville “based on Truth”? We're always told to speak the truth – not to lie. We always want to know the truth of the things in our lives; we want to know what is really going on. Is that it?

It's a part of the truth Mother wanted people to live in. But she also wanted something deeper, more eternal. She wanted people to work in the real truth of themselves, and the Truth of the whole creation. And we already know that the new beings will be living in the truth that is the Love that is the creation; so we know the Truth is Love. It's a good place to start.

If the total realization of the Truth of ourselves and our creation is something that has to come through the work of the people, then the people who started to build Auroville would not have been able to start in the total realization of Truth. And so we start again, within ourselves – everybody must start. A starting-place that everybody knows: love.

Love has many kinds of expression. Kindness, goodness, gentleness – not just romance. Love is giving; love is honesty and care and concern for the other person. Love expresses itself in patience and commitment, in understanding, in generosity, and in self-giving. And in thinking of the other person instead of oneself. And I'm sure that you can all think of other ways, that love can express itself in us.

All of this builds true, lasting unity between people – because there comes trust. The ability to really be together, to work together.

And what was happening in the world, was that people were not doing this. They were doing things to hurt, to destroy. Anyone can practice these truths of love. And yet people seem to forget about it. Auroville is a place to remember it. And then this truth will help the whole world.

When we look at the way Mother invited people to come to Auroville, we see that she did it in a very simple way. She did not start out by asking for people who wanted to receive the new evolutionary forces. She didn't ask for people who wanted to receive a Truth-consciousness. She didn't explain these things. Mother simply asked for all men of goodwill, who want to work for human unity. Because we know now: unity comes with love. And that brings the truth.

So that's all she said, and she said it over and over: men of goodwill, who want to work for human unity.

And she always said, “Auroville is there”. Auroville will manifest. But Mother did not forget to tell people any of her other reasons, or any of her other plans. What she did was to ask for people according to the third plan. And then she told people about all of her reasons, in her conditions for coming to Auroville. And it is also in the Auroville Charter, which Mother wrote.

As an example, here are two conditions Mother gave for admission to Auroville:

“(1) To be convinced of the essential unity of mankind and to have the will to collaborate for the material realisation of that unity;”[3]

This speaks to the second and third reasons Mother built her city. To agree to Auroville's purpose, and to work for human unity. This would have both the power to avoid war, and the power to stop man from destroying the earth. And here is Mother's second condition:

“(2) To have the will to collaborate in all that furthers future realisations.”[4]

And this is for the first reason: to have people here who want to realize the new consciousness, and who will cooperate with it – so it can manifest a new world here, for the new beings who will come with this new step in human evolution.

We saw that in the beginning, Mother was planning the physical material things that would be in Auroville; she was planning harbors, airports, buildings. But after she knew all three reasons, she stopped planning these things. She said, “The material conditions will be worked out as the realisation proceeds”[5]. Mother saw that she could not plan ahead of time how Auroville would materialize physically. She could not plan how it would look from the outside – because it depends on people from many nations working together in the Truth, going on, working together for the Truth. And realizing the Truth inside themselves. Physical Auroville will manifest because of the Aurovilians' ongoing realizations of Truth. Not because Auroville's buildings are built up as fast as possible, so that lots of people can live here. It is the ongoing process that counts – not the finished result.

One time, Mother said if Auroville was built up right away, it would lose its purpose – it would not do its work in the world.

Auroville: a symbolic representation of the universe

Once Auroville was started, and the new Aurovilians were asking for guidance, Mother's answer was always that they should aspire for the Truth and for the new divine consciousness. So she always guided people's inner work according to the first plan, of having people here to receive the new consciousness. And Mother and Sri Aurobindo gave us many, many books, full of their teachings, full of the ways to do this. Things that help people do this.

And at the same time that Mother was giving this inner guidance, she always told people to work for human unity. Then about three-and-a-half weeks before Auroville's inauguration (and that was in February of 1968), the fourth reason for making Auroville came to Mother. Sri Aurobindo told Mother:

Mother's Agenda
3 February 1968

68-02-03 En.jpg
PDF (6 pages)

“India has become the symbolic representation of all the difficulties of modern mankind.
India will be the land of its resurrection — the resurrection to a higher and truer life.”[6]

Then Mother said that she had a tremendous, powerful, clear vision – and she said it was like this:

“the same thing which in the history of the universe made the earth the symbolic representation of the universe so as to concentrate the work on one point, the same phenomenon is now taking place: India is the representation of all human difficulties on earth, and it is in India that the ... cure will be found. And then, that is why — THAT IS WHY I was made to start Auroville.”[7]

Here is the fourth reason for Auroville, and also the fourth plan that came to Mother right before the inauguration. Auroville is in India; and Auroville will help India to work for a higher and truer life for the whole world.

All four plans

Now we have all of Mother and Sri Aurobindo's reasons and plans for creating Auroville – all four of them. Step by step, all the plans have grown. And Auroville has become the place where people from all nations come to receive the new consciousness; to continue to work on into the future to bring the Truth; to prevent war; to prevent the destruction of the world; and finally, to help India to bring all people – the whole world – a higher and truer life.

If we look around us, we can see, this is exactly what is happening today. And this is what has to continue. Now, who is going to do this work? You, and you, and you, and me (!), and everyone here – all your parents, all your friends, everyone else in Mother's city of Auroville. Today we can look back, and we can see that the war never happened. The earth was not destroyed. Auroville was created to make these things not happen – they have not happened. People from all nations of the world live here in peace, and work on their true human unity. They work together, building Auroville as best as they can.

And not only that – but now people all over the world are interested in Auroville. And people all over the world work to help Auroville's progress. People send money; people send special things needed to build the city. And thousands of visitors come every year from other countries, because people like being in the atmosphere of Auroville. The atmosphere that is created by the presence of Mother and Sri Aurobindo, and by the work that everybody does here – it all contributes.

There are people here who are consciously doing their best to cooperate in receiving the new consciousness. They are working on themselves. Now we hear of people all over the world who are also doing this. People in different places want to receive the consciousness. It's talked about all the time. We see that the work of building Auroville, and the work of receiving the new consciousness, have spread all over the world.

This coming February 28th is going to be Auroville's 50th birthday. The nations of the world have worked together for truth in Auroville for 50 years. We can see why Auroville is so important. And we can also see why it is so important that everyone here continues to work together, according to Mother and Sri Aurobindo's four plans.

The ancient Egyptian city of Amarna

But you know, the plan for Auroville has been in the universal cosmic consciousness for a very long time. We have a story that Mother told about another city – a city which was planned to be just like Auroville. And this city was made over 3,000 years ago. We have seen that Auroville is the fifth city which came to Mother here, in this lifetime, here. But here is Mother's story about a new city in ancient Egypt.

I think you all may have already learned about ancient Egypt in school. And perhaps you also learned about the pharaoh called Akhenaton – a pharaoh who built his own special city where people would have a new kind of life.

Everyone can read what Mother said about this. You can read about it – it is in Volume 6 of Mother's Agenda, on the date of [June 5, 1965]. Mother speaks about being the ancient Egyptian queen Tiy, the mother of the pharaoh Amenhotep IV. Mother remembered this story, because the being who was Amenhotep IV in ancient Egypt, took birth again while Mother was here in the Ashram. And his parents brought him to Mother in June of [1965], when he was a very young child. She recognized him. And then she remembered that he had been her son, Amenhotep IV, in ancient Egypt, when she was Queen Tiy.

In ancient Egypt, they worshiped many gods. The sun-god was called Aton. When Amenhotep IV became the pharaoh, he changed his name to Akhenaton. ‘Akhenaton’ means ‘one who serves Aton’, the sun-god. He tried his best – in those very early days – to change Egyptian worship of many gods, into worship of one god: the sun. Sri Aurobindo says that the sun universally, and through history, actually stands for the supramental truth. It is a symbol of the new consciousness that he and Mother brought for the earth and mankind.

In reading the history books, we can see that Akhenaton was strongly influenced by his mother, Queen Tiy – who we now know was Mother.

Pharaoh Akhenaton moved the whole capital of Egypt from Thebes (where it was) to a new city that he built. Think about that! Can you imagine moving New Delhi somewhere else, building a new city for New Delhi? Or moving Washington D.C. in America, to a new place that you build? This was the power of the pharaoh in those days. And Akhenaton did this because of what he wanted to bring to the people.

He called his new city ‘Amarna’. ‘Amarna’ means ‘city of the horizon’. We know that in the 1960s, Mother planned to build her new city near Ousteri Lake, and she called it ‘New Horizon’. So we had the city of the horizon; and then in today's times, Mother was going to make ‘New Horizon’.

In 1369 B.C., Akhenaton founded his city of the horizon with these words:

“Here is the place that belongs to no person, no god.
Nobody owns it. It is everybody's place.
The earth will find its joy in it. Hearts will be happy in it.”

In 1968 A.D. (3,337 years later), Mother founded Auroville. She said ‘Auroville’ means ‘city of Dawn’: aura in French is ‘dawn’. Ville is ‘city’. City of Dawn. This is a city named for the time the sun comes up over the horizon. And she used words very similar to the words Akhenaton used. Just like Akhenaton, she said:

“Auroville belongs to nobody in particular. Auroville belongs to humanity as a whole.”[8]

Mother also called Auroville, “the city the earth needs”[9]. Akhenaton had said, “the earth will find its joy in it”.

In his new city of the horizon, Akhenaton and his wife Nefertiti built a temple to the light. Up to that time, all Egyptian temples were filled with statues and paintings of gods and goddesses. People went to these temples, to worship their many gods. And they had many rituals to do it with. Akhenaton's new temple was empty inside. There were no statues; there were no paintings. There was nothing of traditional worship.

Mother put the Matrimandir in the center of Auroville. Matrimandir, Mother said, is a temple to the Divine Mother. A temple to the Power of the supreme creator, who is bringing the new force – who is the new consciousness and force, and is bringing the new force. Mandir means ‘temple’. Matri means ‘mother’. Matrimandir: temple to the great Mother of the universe.

She said that the Matrimandir should not have any images or photographs. And it should not be used for forms of worship or ritual. The inner chamber of the Matrimandir is lighted by a ray of sun coming down the center of the room. And so again we have the same sign, the same symbol, of the new consciousness which Sri Aurobindo said is always symbolized by the sun.

With all this, we can see that long, long ago, Akhenaton's temple to the light, in the city of the horizon, was like Mother's Matrimandir: her temple to the principle that brings the new creation, and the new creation itself – her temple in Auroville, her city of Dawn. Mother explained that Akhenaton's revelation aimed at revealing to the humanity of that time, the unity of the Divine with its manifestation. This is the unity that the new beings in Auroville will also realize – the eternal divine truth of Love that they are. And the divine truth of that Love which is also their universe, our universe.

Mother said that Akhenaton's attempt was premature. Men were not ready for it. But, it had to be expressed more than 3,000 years ago, so that it would keep on living on the mental plane. And it must have done a special work. It has been in the universal mind, which is open to everyone. And it has come down through time to us here in Auroville, and to people all over the world. People seem to be ready. And Auroville is here.

Akhenaton and Mother were each doing the same work when they each built their city. And Mother was helping Ahkenaton to build his city in ancient Egypt, when she was his mother, Queen Tiy.

The Irumbai Legend

With Mother's story, we can see that Mother and Sri Aurobindo's plans for creating Auroville are really great cosmic plans. We have another story about something that was already known about Auroville, here in Tamil Nadu, hundreds of years before Auroville came.

To show you even more about how the coming of Auroville was already known, I'm going to tell you an ancient Tamil prediction about the coming of Aurovilians from foreign lands, and some of the work that they would do here.

I think many of you know Meenakshi. Meenakshi lives in the Matrimandir Nursery, and has Ilaignarkal School here in Auroville. Meenakshi has been recording the old Tamil legends and ancient stories. She has gone to the old story-tellers who are still here. She recorded this story, and she has translated this recording into English for us.

I think many of you also know about Irumbai Temple. Irumbai Temple is close to Auroville's border. It is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. And it has a stone Shiva lingam in its holy inner chamber. The land of Auroville was once part of the Irumbai region.

Long ago, when the Irumbai region was green and fertile, full of gardens, crops and beautiful waterways, there came a terrible heat wave. The monsoon rains failed, and all the water dried up. A severe drought came upon the land. The people sought the help of their king, the great Kurumba Raja. He sent a team of his ministers to learn the cause of the drought.

The king's ministers found that the cause of the heat-wave and the drought was the powerful energy that radiated from the saint who was sitting under a peepul tree right near the Irumbai Shiva temple. He was doing rigorous tapasya – powerful spiritual work on himself. And this was causing the heat. (The word tapasya in Sanskrit also does mean ‘heat of tapasya’, by itself – not just powerful spiritual work. But heat: spiritually-generated heat.) And this saint's name was Kazhuveli Siddhar.

Kazhuveli Siddhar had sat there for so long that the ants had built their ant-hill up around him, and nobody could even see him anymore. The ministers tried to bring the saint out of his samadhi, but they failed. One by one, others also tried, but they all failed. No one could bring this rishi back to worldly life.

Finally, a beautiful young temple dancer named Valli took up the challenge to awaken him. She had observed that sometimes, he would reach his hand out of the ant-hill to catch a peepul leaf from the tree above him – to chew it, to energize himself. So Valli prepared salted appalams (crackers, wafers), in the shape of peepul-tree leaves. When Kazhuveli Siddhar reached his hand out of the ant-hill, she put an appalam there for him to catch. The siddhar started eating the salted wafers; and slowly his senses were awakened.

When he stopped his tapasya, the heat-wave stopped. It rained again, and Irumbai became green and fertile. All the people were happy; the ministers joyously celebrated the great event. And Valli continued to serve the great siddhar.

There was a thanksgiving festival in the temple. And Valli performed a wonderful dance in front of a cheering audience. When Kazhuveli Siddhar saw Valli dance, he did not see Valli dancing – he saw Lord Shiva dancing, instead of Valli. But as she was dancing, one of Valli's anklets fell off her foot, and Valli was losing her rhythm, and her balance. The great Siddhar only saw that something was wrong with the cosmic dance of his lord. Quickly, he rushed to pick up the anklet; quickly, he tied it around Valli's ankle while she was dancing. All the people saw him do this – and they all began to laugh at Kazhuveli Siddhar. They made fun of him for having this relationship with a temple dancer.

Kazhuveli Siddhar became furious. He called upon Lord Shiva to appear before all the laughing people, and to declare his innocence and Valli's devotion to the Lord. The stone Shiva lingam in the temple broke into pieces (!), and fell all over the land. It burned up all the green, growing things. The earth became dry again. Lord Shiva appeared before everyone, and declared the greatness of the Siddhar, and the great devotion of Valli in her dutiful offering of dance, with a pure heart.

The court and the people realized their own smallness. They all fell at the feet of the Lord. They prayed to Kazhuveli Siddhar to pardon them. They prayed that he would withdraw the curse that he had set upon their land. They prayed to him to save the land from being dry and empty again. But Kazhuveli Siddhar told the people, “The curse is given once for all. It cannot be reversed. But one day, people from far-off lands will come here. They will make this place green again.”

This is an ancient story about Auroville that we all see coming true today. In 1968, when Auroville began, there was nothing on the land – nothing at all. The land was completely dry, and totally empty. I first saw it in 1972. And wherever I looked, there was nothing but wide, wide, dry, red earth; and above it, huge, endless blue sky.

You can see photographs of early Aurovilians planting tiny little trees – little trees which were no bigger than my little finger. These early Aurovilians cared for these tiny trees very carefully. They had to build a small fence around each little tree, to keep the village goats from eating them. And every day, they went out in the strong heat, with barrels of water on wooden bullock carts, with big, creaking wooden wheels. And they watered each little baby tree every day, by putting a cup of water on each one.

These little trees grew into the big trees which we see all around us today. And the land of Auroville is green again.

This is all part of Mother and Sri Aurobindo's plans for creating Auroville. And each one of us is here to help build this special city, in our own special way. Whatever we have, whatever we are, whatever we can do – these are the gifts we bring to Mother and Sri Aurobindo's Auroville. And therefore, these gifts go to the whole world.

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